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Sworn Testimony on the Existence of Marie Rose Ferron’s Stigmata
By Rev. Emile Leonard
Pastor of St. Pierre-Aux-Liens
45-2nd Avenue
Montreal, P.Q., Canada     ____________________________________________________________________
I, the undersigned, Emile Leonard, Pastor of ST. Pierre-Aux-Liens, Montreal, Canada, after invoking the name of God as a witness of the truth and with my hands on the Holy Gospels, do swear to say the truth and only the truth concerning the stigmata of Marie Rose Ferron who died at Woonsocket, R.I., U.S.A., on the 11th of May 1936. _____________________________________________________________________  

“The impression of the “Stigmata” of Jesus Christ on the body of Marie Rose Ferron, explains to all those who have had the privilege to see them, why Mare Rose Ferron had such a fervent devotion to Jesus Crucified.  These stigmata, or glorious wounds, have induced Marie Rose to sacrifice herself for God’s glory and for the salvation of souls.”   

Marie Rose Ferron received in her hands, in her feet, on her side, and on her forehead the impression of the wounds of Jesus Christ.  

These wounds were seen and touched by a great many persons and some kissed them with great reverence.  

These wounds bled abundantly during many years, as reported by many witnesses.  

Some have witnessed the unfolding and the disappearance of these wounds on certain days.  

On Saturdays, as on Thursday, of these memorable days, the witnesses saw no trace of wounds which were to appear or had appeared on Friday.    

Her side had a red wound as if it had been pierced with a lance and from which flowed blood or “serum” which was even perfumed.  Hence, Marie Rose Ferron has had the blessed favor of bearing in her body the wounds of Our Lord’s Passion.          

It is true that some person try to deny the existence of the stigmata; but some persons have never visited Rose, others have given her up for human motives, others never deigned to ask for that favor and finally others became declared enemies for reason which they do not dare mention.

In reference to us who have witnessed these wounds carefully, like St. Paul in the presence of his judges, we repeat that we cannot deny what we have seen, nor conceal what we have heard.  In confirmation of them we hereby take this solemn oath in the presence of God, knowing very well the consequence of this oath.  We cannot but say the truth concerning the things we have seen and known in order to thank God for the great favor he granted us in making us share in those godly things.  

We have scrutinized these stigmata, and our hands have felt these wounds which Marie Rose kept hidden through humility; and thereby avoided pride and vain glory which would have been given to her on the part of men had she shown them her wounds.     

In this declaration, I shall say:

1.    What Marie Rose Ferron told me about them.
2.    What others have told me about them.
3.    What I have witnessed myself.    

What Marie Rose Ferron Told Me

I have visited Marie Rose Ferron at least 22 times, and I have spent more than 46 hours with her. Marie Rose, in many instances has spoken to me about her wounds or at least have alluded to them.       

On the 27th of July 1929, during my first visit at her home, Rose was blind.  She spoke to me of two priests who had tried to force her to show them her wounds, that is, the stigmata which she had on her forehead, her side, her hands and feet.    

In answer she said to them: “Even if I had permission to show them to you, I could not show you the wound of my side, for do not forget that you are men and I am a woman.”  These priests tried to impose themselves and wanted her to obey them as priests.  Rose told them: “I owe obedience to my Bishop and to my Spiritual Director, and you also owe them obedience.”         

On that same 27th of July, 1929, without my asking for it, Mr. Clara Lareau, a friend of Rose, asked Rose to show me her wounds—at least the wounds of her forehead.  Rose answered her: “Tell him that I want to see him privately.”  On seeing me, she raised the bandage or covering which covered her forehead and said: “Are you satisfied?”  I saw three red marks; three very distinct spots.       

On the 28th of July, 1929, Rose, speaking about an apparition of the Virgin Mary said that she caused her to see the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. “The mysteries disappeared to return, and stopped at the 10th. Then I saw that the 10th mystery was the crucifixion and that I was the tenth child with the stigmata of Jesus on the cross… Oh, I speak too much!! You are the only one, except bishop Hickey, to whom I have said so much; I don’t understand why I did it.”       

On that same day, she spoke to me of her fear that someone would come, as did the two priests, to force her and her parents to show her stigmata.       

On the 11th of October, 1929, Rose told me that a very devoted protestant lady visited her every day, except Friday.  “One day she asked to be present on Friday, but to remain in the kitchen.  Permission was given to her on that day to see all that happens on Friday.  This lady marveled at it all.  She has not the Faith, yet, but that will come.”             

On that same day, Rose said: “Three nuns came to see me lately.  They thought they could see my wounds, in spite of me, if they came on a Friday while I was gone.  I told them “no!” and when I say no, it’s no!”         

On the 11th of October, 1929, after witnessing the ecstasy mentioned in another report and seeing the blood flowing from her wounds, I told Rose that I wished I could often return to see her.  She answered  “How can you explain that?”  Some priests call come, but their visit means nothing to them; others come two or three times, without returning and without giving rise to friendly relations; while you came twice in July and your visit must have please you for you wrote, returned and have established friendly relations.  You understand me and I understand you.  Father Vincent has given you some privileges, thanks to your faith.  You seem to be destined to play a role in my life.  Show yourself always worthy of that role.  Be very careful about everything you say to me.  Don’t speak too much.  Preserve your privilege in watching your words.  Don’t speak too much of me, and about the things you have seen.  Be prudent, for otherwise you will be persecuted on my account.”      
The above two sentences: “Father Vincent granted you some privilege” and “Don’t speak too much about the things you have seen” coming from Rose’s own mouth show us sufficiently well that she knew both the origin of her wounds and of the blood which flowed abundantly from them on each Friday.      

Friday, Jan. 3, 1930 ;
After Rose was out of her ecstasy, I saw her left hand which is dwarfed.  Then I tried to relieve her as much as possible from the pain which this wound caused her.  On that occasion, I told Rose I would like to have some of her blood.  Rose answered: “That would please you?”  It would, I added.  “Then, she said: “I shall reserve for you one of my forehead bandages which I shall send you in Montreal.” ( By these words, Rose admitted the existence of her wounds.       

On this occasion, I asked the help of her prayers for the cure of a young man, Rose answered: “One day, in one of my dreams I asked my Jesus the cure of a young man that looked more like a beast than a man.  I met on that account a strong opposition from my Jesus, He did not wish to yield to my requests, and so I said to Him: “Please, You often take me at my word.  You make me suffer very much, as You know.  Well, I am anxious to obtain this favor.  Are You going to hear me?  Strike me.  Make me pay for him all that You wish, but heal that poor cripple who is a real plague for his family.”  Jesus heard my prayers, but as that cure almost turned out to be an evil for this young man, I no longer wish to storm heaven, for my Jesus knows best for He knows the future.”         
On the 5th day of August 1930, in the presence of Mrs. Alphonse Touchette of Providence, R.I., Rose spoke about the persecutions of which she was the Victim.  She said that medical science was in quest of new experiences.  “I have,” she said, “already gone through their experiments; but always without success.  In reference to my wounds, they will probably disappear as they did ten years ago, so that doctors and medical science will be confused about them.  I have asked my Jesus for that favor, but I am afraid He will take me at my word, for I have a feeling within me that this request is putting pressure on His Will.” Then she added, “All that I ask my Jesus is that He put a ray of His glory in my eyes and a smile on my lips”      

On the same day, Rose admitted that the blood did not cease to flow during July.  “On account of this unceasing flow of blood in July, I could not receive visitors.”       

I asked her on that day how many Stigmatic’s were actually existing n the world. “There are, “she said, “150 of them; but I am not worthy to be numbered amongst them.”  She thereby admitted she was stigmatized.     

Still on this same day, that is, on the 5th of August, 1930, I asked her if I could call on her the following Friday.  She answered: “I do not know if you will be able to come, for I have many things to say to my Jesus next Friday.  I believe it is better for me to be alone, all alone, with Him.”       

I spoke to her once more about her difficulties.  She said that I would hear about them.  She repeated what she had told me on the 3rd of January 1930, which I would have one of her forehead bandages stained with her blood.  I told her that a Mr. Legare pretends he was cured of heart disease while applying to his heart a piece of linen stained with her blood.  On hearing this, she hurriedly said: “no it’s not Rose’s blood….. It’s the blood of ….” And she stopped on that word.       

Before leaving, I spoke again about the following day, Friday.  She said: “Offer that as a sacrifice to give me the advantage to speak more freely with my Jesus…. When are you leaving?  I want to give you some news before you leave. “Listen, this is what you will do. Telephone Friday night, after 9 p.m., for probably I shall be able to answer you.”       

I called that Friday night as agreed to, but as Rose was still in ecstasy, I telephoned her Saturday morning and Rose said: “My Jesus hesitated a long time before yielding to my request.  Now what is happening is willed by Our Lord.”       

t is on this occasion that her wounds disappeared.  

What I Heard About Rose’s Stigmata

On the 27th of July, 1929, in the presence of M.M. George and Albert Robert and their wives; of Mrs. Alphonse Touchette and of her two children—Alphonse and Laura Touchette, Mrs. Alice Guerin told me: “Since the age of thirteen , fourteen years ago, Rose lies on a bed of suffering, completely bound, tied on her little bed, the left arm and her legs strung to her mattress and also her right arm up to her elbow; the remainder of her right arm is fixed to a steel plate, with the thumb and the fourth finger bent with the hand.  She has stigmata, the holy wounds of Our Lord in the Cross.  She is not to be seen on Fridays for being in ecstasy.  Her wounds bleed abundantly.  If they do not bleed, Rose has hemorrhages.  The heart wound bleeds and soaks her sheet.  In every Friday she goes through “the suffering of Our Lord, dying on the Cross.”        

On the 28th of July, 1929, after saying Mass in Rose’s room, and after witnessing Rose’s communion without deglutition. I stood near her bed while she was in ecstasy.  Mrs. Ferron, Rose’s mother, said to me: “I would like to show you the scars of Rose’s wounds, but if I do it, she will come to at once to reproach me for doing it.  One day I wanted to show them to a priest.  She recovered consciousness before I had time to do so.  “Why are you doing that?” she said, “You deprive me of one of my greatest joys.”  Since then, I do not dare disturb her.”       

As a matter of fact, during these moments we cannot touch the scars without her returning to herself immediately, although we can wipe her face and move her bed whenever we wish without affecting her.     

On the 9th of October, 1929, visiting at Father Henry Vincent’s pastor at Arctic Center, R.I., with Mr. Alphonse Touchette of Providence, R.I., Father Henry Vincent, her confessor, gave me two pieces of linen bearing the impression of the heart wound.  These linens were stained with Rose’s blood and the impression was taken during Lent 1928, according to Father Vincent himself.  One of these linens was for me and the other was for a sick Dominican nun, Sr Angela, of the Rosary Shrine, in Summit, N.J.  This nun was the sister of one of my classmates, Doctor Levesque, who had sent me to see Rose for the purpose of requesting the cure of his sister.  This nun died shortly afterwards.  It is possible that the Community has preserved this precious imprint.  I preserve mine as a precious relic.       

Here are the words of Father Vincent:  “In the beginning of Lent, 1927, I did see a red mark in Rose’s right hand; but I paid no attention to it, at that time.  At the end of Lent, seeing that this red spot went through the hand, I asked Rose how this happened, but Rose was unable to answer.  I called her mother so she would show me Rose’s other hand and also her feet.  Both hands and feet bore within and without the same red spots.  The heart stigma appeared at the beginning of Lent 1928.  At the end of Lent of that year, the blood began to flow from it on each Friday.  The linens, which I have just given you, are some of the ones which we have applied on the heart stigma when the blood flowed for the first time.  You will notice that Rose in her bed is like Jesus on the Cross as He appears to her.  The right arms of Jesus at that time, is always free to gesticulate.  Likewise, Rose can move only her hand and her right arm.  It’s Jesus who wants it so.”       

On the 11th of October 1929, Father Vincent drove me himself to Rose’s home, with one of his assistants, Father Faillant.  Father Vincent himself with Mrs. Alice Guerin showed us the stigmata of Rose’s side, of her feet and of her right hand.    

On the 3rd of January, 1930, Rose’s mother spoke to me of her daughter’s blood. “One day, Mrs. Auger, my sister in Montreal, asked me for some of Rose’s blood as a souvenir.   

On that account, I applied some batten on Rose’s eyes.  That batten was all stained with blood when it was put away in one of the drawers of my dresser.  When I wished to give it to my sister, who was leaving for Montreal, the batten was perfectly white.  There were no traces of blood on it.  Then Rose told me: “Why all that without my permission?”  It’s good for you!  Moreover, Cousin Doctor Emile Auger will never have any of my blood.”  Ever since I have never dared take any of her blood without her permission,” said the mother.        

On Saturday, 5 August, 1930, Mrs. Alice Guerin told me: “Rose was bathed in blood during the preceding month, that is, from the 1st of July until the 31st of that month.  During all that time the blood flowed night and day without ceasing.        

Saturday, 25 October 1930, while Fr. Vincent was speaking about rose petals soaked in blood, he said these words: “These are special roses, because they were soaked in Rose’s blood on Good Friday, and were blessed by me on the same day.”       

On the 13 of November 1931, Mrs. Girard, a friend of Rose’s told me that Rose often brings her right hand to her head as if to pull off the thorns which make her suffer; and she rubs her head with much effort as if she was pulling a hot away from her heard.       

Sister Mary Angela of the Sacred Heart, a Poor Clare Nun wrote: “In 1927, Rose showed me the red spots or mysterious wounds which appeared on her hands and spoke about her painful swellings which began to encircle her head.  Afterwards, Rose said:  I believe Our Lord wants me to partake in His Crown of Thorns.”        

In a written lecture, Fr. Adrien Gauthier said:  “Rose’s heart makes her suffer continually; a visible and burning wound frequently sheds blood to the extent that it soaks the clothes which cover her.”       

The query “You have stigmata?” brought from Rose the following answer: “I do not know what it is.  All I know is that I have wounds which appear on certain days and disappear afterwards.”       

“At a given time,” continues Father Gauthier, “strange marks appear on the body.  They are painful wounds made as if with a whip.  They applied to them antiseptic powders, but the wounds deepened still more.  After discovering that the treatment was useless, they noticed that the marks disappeared as suddenly as they had come.  In her hands and feet the skin would open and drops of blood would appear.  During that time, the pain was continuous.  A few days later, the wounds disappeared leaving no scars, nor visible trace of their presence.     

Impression of the Heart Wound

“Her side also had a wound.  They preserved a remembrance of it, a relic.  The linen which covered that wound was kept as precious.  This cloth bears the official impression of the wound. (Heart wound)  It was given to Father Emile Leonard by Father Henry Vincent, her confessor.       

The forehead is marked by many painful wounds.  Traces of them still appeared after her death.  Official photographs are a witness of their authenticity.  These wounds come and go on certain days.  The linen bandages, which cover her forehead, are changed almost every hour, because the blood stains them completely.       

“During many months, especially in July, the month of the Precious Blood, Rose’s eyes often shed tears of blood which coagulated as they ran down her cheeks, and her eyes smarted like fire, while her wounds were equally painful.     

“This extraordinary phenomenon excited curiosity.  One day a person pulled off her bandage which concealed her bruised forehead. “Rose answered this imposition with these words: What you have done is actually very bad!”     

Some took occasion of her ecstasy to uncover her feet.  After many days of prayer, or rather supplication, Rose said to Father Leonard, “I asked Jesus to take my wounds away.  He hesitated, but at least He yielded.”       

The wounds disappeared and never returned.  However, Rose would say: “the blood rushes to my hands and feet.  It’s more painful than before.”       

One day,” continued Father Gauthier, “a so-called doctor told her that medical science could relieve and cure her.  She answered with a smile: “You are forgetting that I am incurable.  I was told that after many months of experiment!”    

“Yes,” answered the so-called doctor, But medical science has made progress for the last ten years.”  To this Rose smiled and answered: “This disease, also, Doctor?”       

One day, while Rose was suffering very much, a friendly priest told her “You are not suffering along, Rose.”  Between two acute attacks she answered, “No, Father.”  

What I have Seen Myself

I have seen the stigmata of forehead, hands and feet and heart.  

July 27, 1929      
Without my asking for it, Mrs. ntimate friend of Rose’s asked her to show me the wounds of her forehead. Rose answered: “Tell him that I wish to see him privately.” While I was alone with her, Rose lifted the bandage which covered her forehead.  I saw three red spots on her forehead.  I was both surprised and impressed by it.  

Friday, October 11, 1929:    
Father Henry Vincent, her confessor, showed Father Faillant, his assistant and myself the heart wound, the wounds of the feet and of her right hand.  On seeing the heart wound, I was also able to see a part of her body.  Here is what I wrote in my diary at the time:
We took advantage of Rose’s ecstasy to examine the stigmata of her hands, feet and heart.  I no longer doubt the reality; it is too evident.  I see and can hardly believe my eyes.  Stigmata appear on both sides of her feet and hands, and from which flows blood which is very visible.  I saw one half of the heart stigmata, about four inches of it, which would make it seven or eight inches long.  Her body is covered with bruises that are, all covered with dark red blotches through which the blood seemed to force itself.  Her feet were injured and distorted.       

The blood clots held her clothes stuck to the heart wound.  We could not easily unfasten them to see the whole wound.  We did not see the stigmata of her forehead for they were hidden by her bandage, but we saw the blood flowing from them and running into her eyes and down in streaks which we could see very well.  In reference to her eyes, we saw the blood springing from them.  I sponged some of it with my handkerchief and brought it home.  Her eyes are filled and plugged with blood to the extent that her eyelashes are stuck together and the eyes can hardly open.  She has a new bleeding scar on the right side of her nick and another on the upper part of her chest, under her neck.         

Truly, I can frankly say that in that state Rose looked like Our Lord.  What a marvel!  I thank god for the favor He granted me to see Rose with a blood-drenched face like that of Our Lord.  It was the “Ecce Homo.” Her face was, in reality, all blood which came both from her forehead and eyes; it flowed so abundantly that we could have gathered it easily with a spoon.  Many people saw Rose in that state and all agree in saying that it was truly the face of Christ, as we see it in the pictures of the Holy Face.  

On Thursday, October 10, 1929, I had seen Rose.  There was nothing about her which could make us guess what we saw the following day, Friday, October 11, 1929.  On Thursday her eyes were clear and her countenance did not express too much suffering.  As a rule, she always concealed her sufferings to avoid the sympathies of her friends; but today what a change.           

During the day’s ecstasy (Friday, October 11, 1929) Rose said: “You told me, My Jesus, that it would not show and it shows more than ever.” (She was speaking of her blood) “Please, my Jesus, it should not appear like that.”  (She passes her right hand over her eyes.)  

“No, You are very nice.” (Laughing while passing her hand over her right eye)  

“If it bleeds-----inside, I do not mind………It flows….My side bleeds to the point that my body is stuck to my sheet….I feel it run inside, but I do not mind…..It flows… (she brings her hand to her side)… when I raised myself, it flows under me.”….  

After the ecstasy, I was able to speak to her.  She looked at me through the blood which still flowed and filled her two eyes.  I distinctly saw her eyeballs move and roll in blood as if she tried to flow my movements or get a glimpse of me.  The look in her eyes and her smile went deep in my soul.  Tears gushed from my eyes for my emotions got the best of me.”  

As I was leaving her home, I heard Rose say to her mother to bring her a bag of ice, for she said. “The blood feels as if it were going to flow again.”  

Friday, 3 January 1930:        

I walked into Rose’s room and found her in the same state as I did in October 1929.  The blood which drenched her face bubbled out from her eyes and ran down her cheeks.  She has very strong chills and complains about feeling nauseated.  Rose suffers much; her behavior is a proof of this. She cannot hold her head in place.  

While observing her, we see that she is enduring her crowing of thorns.  We try to do something to relieve her.  Some rubbed her head with their hands, in spite of the number of her bleeding wounds.  The bandage of her forehead is now soaked with blood.  The blood might not be flowing as much as in last October, but it is evident that Rose is suffering much more on that account.  On that day, I have helped to change the bandage of her forehead and the dressing of her right arm.    

It is on this day, Friday, January 3, that I have had the happiness to see and touch Rose’s left hand.  This hand is smaller and shorter than the right one.  I quote my Diary: “I was able to see and touch her left hand.  Here, how can I express my thoughts?  She has a left hand much smaller than the right; completely closed inward.  The fingers, except the thumb, dig deep in her palm and her nails pierce the skin.        

“What a bleeding wound!  What pain she must endure!  I saw and touched the stigmata which she has in this hand.  It is not an open wound but a red blotch in an oval form of about two inches long.  I kissed that hand.  The blood which came from it gave an odor which is unknown to me and which I retained until the following morning.  Rose even showed me that hand which I was able to examine at my leisure.  She tried to pull her nails out of the flesh of the palm.  What pain!  She succeeded with the exception of the big middle finger which is bent more than the others.  The nerve of that finger seems to have been attacked by the nail of the cross; but in the right hand, it’s the ring finger which is bent and its nerve seems to have been attacked by the nail.”  I have helped Rose in this work.  I have touched this wound and the serum which oozed from it.  That blood has given a perfume which was scented by many persons, such as mentioned in my report on Ecstasy.  

During the ecstasy, at a given moment, Rose said: “They are not bleeding much.”  Meanwhile, she brought her hand to her eyes.  After the ecstasy, Rose told me that the blood boiled in her head which was full of it.  

And even today, as in October 1929, I can say that I have seen the Ecce Homo.  

I said to Rose: “A moment ago, I had the temptation of stealing some of your blood with my handkerchief, but I did not dare to do so without your permission.”  She said: “Why my blood?  What difference can there be between mine and yours?  What am I? Nothing and you know it.”  

I answered: “Yes, I understand you are nothing, and still you are something; otherwise, how can you explain what is going on today and the other days?  If Jesus wants these things, it’s not for nothing.  These things have an object in the eyes of God, and you know it.  As we understand each other, I can tell you what I think:  I see in all these things the finger of God.  In your place, I would gather that blood every Friday, in a small vial, to preserve it preciously.”  

Rose answered: “Why? No, I’ll never dare.”  I said: “With regard to myself, I would like to have some.”  Rose said: “This would please you?  Then I shall reserve for you one of my bandages which I shall send you in Montreal.”    

Sworn Testimony of Father Emile Leonard,
Pastor of ST. Pierre-aux-Liens, Ville
St. Pierre, Montreal, Canada, on Marie Rose Ferron

I, the undersigned, Emile Leonard, Pastor of St. Pierre-aux-Liens, Ville St. Pierre, Montreal, Canada, having invoked God’s name as witness of the truth, and after touching the Holy Gospels, do swear to say the truth and nothing but the truth concerning the ecstasies of Marie Rose Ferron, who died at Woonsocket, Rhode Island, U.S.A.,  on the 11th of May 1936.    

In this Declaration I shall way:
1     What Marie Rose Ferron told me herself.
2     What others have told me on the subject.
3     What I have witnessed myself.  

What Marie Rose Ferron Told Me Herself             

On the 27th of July 1929, Marie Rose Ferron told me: “My greatest fear is to lose, through spiritual pride, even of a second, the graces which Jesus granted me in spite of my indignity.  They say that I have ecstasies.  That is false, for I am not worthy to receive such great favors coming from my Jesus. What they call ecstasies are nothing but dreams.  I see Jesus; I speak to Him and I play with Him.  Jesus appears to be as a little child carrying His cross or dying on it.  I see Him with His cross while Little St. Therese saw Him without His cross, but they are only dreams.  I feel that I am completely unworthy of these things.  Father, don’t mention what I am telling you.”       

On the 28th of July 1929, Marie Rose Ferron told me: “I am blind since 7 December 1928, but in my dreams I have asked my Jesus the favor not to see in order to recognize figures, but only to distinguish them when they enter my room.  He has heard me and I am satisfied.”       

“On the 1st of last May, I saw the Blessed Virgin in one of my dreams.  She caused the 15 mysteries of the Rosary to pass before me and at the end I saw the name of my mother.  I understood then they my mother had 15 children in honor of the 15 mysteries of the Rosary (with labors more or less painful).  The mysteries disappeared to return and stopped at the tenth, which is that of the crucifixion.  In connection with this, I am the tenth child with the stigmata of Jesus on the Cross.  Oh Father, I speak too much!  You are the only one with the exception of Bishop Hickey to whom I have spoken so much.  Father, pray for me.  They say I have ecstasies. Don’t believe it.  I dream as many do, and I happen that I speak to my dreams.  In my dreams if I see Jesus, is it my fault?”       

On the same day, Rose told me: “Jesus, whom I see on the cross, is far from being the one I see in my dreams.  If you wish to have an idea of it, my statue on the altar resembles the one I se in my dreams.  Go and see it.”  (I did so).  “When I compare my Jesus on the cross and the way I see Him with a crucifix on my altar, it is just as if I saw Him 100 leagues away I hardly recognize Him.  I know that on one, without dying, could understand or bear the true sufferings of Jesus on the cross as I see them in my dreams. In reference to myself, even   I who see them in my dreams could not, without dying, explain or try to make others understand them.  For instance, the Holy Face, as it is represented to people, is far from the reality which I see.  If men did see those things and understand them with faith, all would die for this good little Jesus.  I love my Jesus.  I love him enough to die for Him.  He makes me suffer very much, but I want to suffer still more for Him.  He is so good and so beautiful to look at, so sympathetic and so consoling.  You must have remarked my statue of the Child Jesus carrying his cross.  I see Him as such very often.  I speak to Him and He answers me.  That statue looks like Him a little, but only a very little.”       

Speaking to me of her Community, she said that her Jesus would need it one day.  I called her attention to the fact that she was very sick, alone and there was no constitution; hence, how could she say that her community would live?  She answered me: “My Jesus told me nothing about that.  To found a community God needs a human being.  A foundation is a human act, but to raise vocations is a divine act.  God will see to it in the proper time.”       

On the same day, July 28, 1929, Rose spoke to me about her burial dress.  Someone wished to give her a very expensive one.  Her mother seemed willing to accept it.  I said to mother that I would speak to my Jesus before making a decision and asked her to wait.  The answer came with delay, for after discussing the matter with my Jesus, the question was settled.”   On the 9th of the following October, her Confessor, Father Henry Vincent of Arctic, Rhode Island, told me that it was Jesus Himself who told her how the dress was to be made.  He thereby confirmed what Rose told me.       

Having heard about Rose’s fancy work, I asked her on July 28, 1929, how she could succeed in doing such nice work with only three fingers of her right hand and her mouth.  Rose answered: “Yes, but my little Jesus helps me.  I cannot remain idle.  My little Jesus wants me to work.”  


On the 1st of January 1930, Rose told me over the telephone that she knew that I was coming to the funeral of Mr. Touchette of Providence, R.I.  Who told her if not her Jesus?  As I spoke to her about this man’s death she answered: “I know it, for I was there.”

And to Mrs. Touchette she said that she was near him to help him die.”  The following day on the 2nd of January 1930, during my visit I gave her some details concerning Mr. Touchette’s death.  She then said: “It is a pleasure for me to learn what I already knew.  If everybody could die like Mr. Touchette, there would be many less in Hell.”  In the presence of Mrs. Guerin, Mrs. Fournier and Mr. and Mrs. George Robert. Rose said: “Yes, what you tell me of the life and death of Mr. Touchette reassures me and confirms many things.  If our relatives and friends had the happiness of dying like him, there would be many less in Hell.  We would all be in Heaven.”       

Rose spoke to us about the merits of our sufferings in the sight of Jesus.  “God is never outdone in generosity.  It is sweet to suffer for Him.  We must always do God’s Will.  I know myself what He does to reward us, for He embraces us and presses us tightly to His Heart.”       

On the 2nd of January 1930, she asked me to spread the prayer called “Supplication For Sinners.”  I asked her where she found that prayer.  She answered: “I learned it with my little Jesus.”       

On Tuesday 5 August 1930, I asked her if I could call on her the following Friday, and in the presence of Mrs. Alphonse Touchette, widow, of Providence, R.I. she said:” I do not know if you will be able to come, for I have many things to say to my Jesus next Friday and for that reason I believe that it is better for me to be all alone with Him.  If I so decide, you will make the sacrifice won’t you?  However, I shall tell you in time.  In reference to my wounds they will probably disappear as they did ten years ago for the confusion of medical science and doctors.  I am asking my Jesus for that, and I fear much that He will take me at my word, for I believe that I am urging His Will to accede to my request.”       

On the following Thursday, 7 August 1930, I asked her if I could call on her the following day which was Friday, and she answered: “No! Make the sacrifice of it to give me the opportunity to speak more easily and more freely with my Jesus.”      

Saturday morning, 9 August 1930, as it was arranged with her, I telephoned to know the results of her conversation with Jesus and she answered: “A little disappointment.”       

On the 9th of October 1930, “Jesus hesitated a long time before acceding to my request; now what is happening is willed by Our Lord,” Rose told me. (Fr. Leonard: her wounds had disappeared)  

What Others Have Told Me about Her Ecstasies of Marie Rose Ferron       

On the 27th of July 1929, Mrs. Alice Guerin spoke to me of the great number of Rose’s ecstasies.  “Every Friday afternoon and evening Rose is in Ecstasy.  During the night, Rose does not sleep.  She is almost always in ecstasy.  She sees her little Jesus with whom she speaks aloud, without our hearing the voice of Jesus.  It was during on of her ecstasies that Rose learned the nomination of her Confessor, Father Henry Vincent, to the parish of Arctic, R.I.  When Father Vincent came to give Rose the good news, she said to him: “I know what brings you here; I have known it for the last 15 days.  My little Jesus told me.  Now don’t be surprised.  Your Rose will not weep at all—just as if she were heartless.  I will be almost they only one who will not weep, for I love you as a priest and not as a man.”       

On the 28th of July 1929, during ecstasy which followed Communion without deglutition, her face became smiling and radiant; her eyes seemed to witness a heavenly vision.  She was radiant, but suddenly everything changed.  Her face became sad; her nerves taut; her face turned violet; her right arm extended full length and rested upon a small table (near the bed); her fingers and hands writhed in unbelievable contortions. Mrs. Ferron asked me to try to remove her arm.  I tried to bend or lift her arm and hand but it was impossible.  Her muscles were rigid, and her weight was extraordinary.  Her mother told me: “Rose once told me that after each of her Communions her Jesus lays her on the cross to make her endure all the sufferings of the crucifixion.”        

On that day (28 July 1929) Mother Ferron spoke to me as follows: “I would gladly show you her feet, but I don’t dare to do so, for once I wanted to show them to a priest, but Rose came to immediately before I had time to uncover them and said to me: “Why do that?  You are depriving me of one of my greatest joys.”  

Wednesday, 9 October 1930, I visited Fr. Vincent with Mr. Alphonse Touchette of Providence, R.I.  Father Vincent told us  “Almost always I have been present during Rose’s ecstasies.  I have been taking notes on the orders of Bishop Hickey.  Actually, the nuns are putting order in my notes, for I have enough matter for many volumes.”         

On the same day Father Vincent told Mr. Touchette and myself: “One day I attended one of Rose’s ecstasies and this is what she asked her Jesus: “My Jesus, many come and want me to bless their objects.  How can I do that?  I am not a priest.  What?  Recite the formula and do the same as the priest?  But I don’t know the formula; I never studied Latin.  What?  Well, teach it to me!  Here she said the whole formula Benedictio Dei Omnipotentis, etc. The following day she asked me what she should do when people asked her to bless their objects.  As I had heard what was said the day before, I did the best I could to explain what I thought her Jesus had told her.  She no longer remembered the formula and was surprised to learn that she had recited it the day before.”        

“I attended another Ecstasy, “continued Father Vincent, “and Rose spoke as follows: “My Jesus, who are these two nuns who are standing near Your cross?  I see St. Therese of the Child Jesus very well, but the other.. who is she?  I don’t know her.  Ah, it is my spiritual father’s sister?  But why has she left so soon?  Ah, you don’t wish me to remember her?  Very well.  “After her ecstasy,” added Father Vincent, ‘Rose told me: “I have just seen your sister at the foot of the cross with little Therese.  When I asked Him who these two nuns were, Jesus detached his right arm from the cross, made a sign to the nuns to come closer to me, and I recognized St. Therese, but a as I did not know the other, I asked Him who she was and Jesus told me it was your sister. This was the first time I had seen that habit.  She left as Jesus gave me her name.  I then asked Him why she left so soon.  Jesus told me but I do not remember.”                                              

 (Fr. Vincent)       

“Another day,” said Father Vincent ‘When I was very tired, exhausted, weak, almost crazy, my memory failing, and losing interest in everything, Rose said to her Jesus during an ecstasy which took place after Communion while I was still there, “My Jesus, what do You intend to do with Father Vincent?  If he is to become insane for Your glory, very well; take away his mind at once.  But if he is still to do some good, cure him at once. “From that moment I was suddenly CURED,” added Father Vincent.       

On the 3rd of January 1930, a Friday night while I had been present the whole afternoon witnessing what was going on, Dr. McLaughlin called on her and I asked him, “Doctor, what do you think of our Little patient?”  He answered: “You are a priest; tell me, how can that child live?”       

In a visit of August 1930, they told me that Rose spoke many foreign languages during her ecstasies.  Fr. Vincent confirmed all this when he said that he had heard her speak in the Aramaic, the language spoken by Our Lord.     

On the 25th of October 1930, Father Vincent told me that during her ecstasies, Rose asked her Jesus to send her every day for a period of time some roses, as a proof of His love, and she did receive them every day.       

Now I am going to tell you what Fr. Adrien Gauthier, Pastor of St. Roch at Fall River, Mass., U.S.A., has said about the ecstasies of Rose in one of his lectures:  

(1) “One day a busybody said to Rose: “They tell me you have visions,” Rose answered, “I don’t know, but if God has pity on me and allows me to see beautiful things in my dreams, are you going to blame Him?”

(2)  Did Little Rose have visions?  We do not wish to anticipate the authority of the Church, but can we not say what reliable persons have seen very often under different circumstances, namely, that Rose did lose consciousness very often? Generally it was after Jesus had called her the third time.”  

  (a)  At times she was nailed on her bed, her face was puffed up like a child who had a big grievance.  She complained- not about her sufferings which she endured, but because her prayers were not heard.
  (b)  At other times, her face was radiant.  Her eyes were fixed on an invisible object.  Her words were spasmodic.  At other times, a hymn of unknown air arose from her mouth.  The words were unconnected somewhat like invocations which came from a soul filled with joy and unable to express the sentiments which overflowed her heart.                                       


  (c)  Once, in particular, Rose was agonizing.  Suddenly she broke the bonds which held her in place, rose up in her bed with her eyes fixed on a vision.  Her body was straight, a smile on her lips.  Is it like that, My Jesus?”  She said, “I am pleased.  Before you leave, bless me.  Bless my friends, Bless my enemies.”  

(3)   At one time when Rose was about 30 years old, she gave a little statue to an old priest as a souvenir, and she said confidentially: “Father, when I was 3 or 4 years old, while I was sick during one night and unable to sleep, I saw near my bed a little Child carrying a cross on His left shoulder.  He had a sad smile on His lips and tears in His eyes.  Lately, a friend of the family gave me the statue which I am now giving you.  Upon receiving this statue I was filled with emotion for it was the picture of the One who had visited me when I was sick as a Child.”

(4)   “In a vision a few weeks before her death, Rose said to her Jesus: “I wish to fulfill all my tasks even if it takes 100 years.  I don’t wish to leave anything unfinished at my death.  I am not asking to die before everything is fulfilled”

(5)  “In her visions and ecstasies Rose said to her Jesus: “Bless me; bless all those whom I love; bless my enemies.”              

What I have Witnessed Myself       

On the 28th of July 1929, while saying Mass in Rose’s chapel, I had the happiness and privilege to notice that she received Holy Communion without deglutition.  They had told me that Rose lost consciousness immediately after her Communions, but they had not told me what I actually witnessed.  When the moment of Communion came, I walked toward her bed.  Rose used her crucifix to pry open her teeth to allow me to give her Communion.  As she had lockjaw, she could not open the without the use of some type of instrument.  It is as impossible to describe the sufferings she endured, which were very evident by the contortions of her face.  It was only a few seconds later, I was already near her with the consecrated Host in my hands that she succeeded in prying her teeth open about 1/8 of an inch.  I placed the Host on her tongue and immediately, without time for her to swallow it, and with any Movement of her mouth or throat, she pulled out the crucifix, her teeth snapped, her head fell back on the pillow.   At that moment Rose was, as they had told me, quitting this world for a better one.  I was surprised, although, I knew what was going to happen.  I remained a few minutes looking at her, and returned to the altar walking backwards so that I could still contemplate her, because she was most beautiful.  Rose remained in that ecstatic position during the whole Mass.  I knew that, because I observed her every time I turned around.  Rose seemed to be asleep.  There was no movement, no sign of life; she was completely motionless in her body and in her senses.  After Mass, I remained with her mother in the chapel.  I sat near Rose’s bed to make my thanksgiving and at the same time to study the movements of her face.  Her mother made the remark that Rose’s heart seemed to beat no longer.  Suddenly she began to smile, as if she were smiling at someone near her.  She became radiant.  I took advantage of this to impress the sight in my memory.  Then her face changed completely.  The nerves became tense.  From a snow-white color she turned violet.  Her right arm stretched out and came down heavily on the table.  Then her hand and her fingers writhed with extraordinary contortions. 

Her mother told me to try to lift, bend or move her hand or her arm.  I tried it and I declare it was impossible to do so.  It was the phenomena of rigidity and weight at the same time.   Her mother explained that Rose once told her that she endured the sufferings of the crucifixion after each Communion.  At that time her Jesus lays her on the cross to make her go through the sufferings that He Himself endured, thereby showing her the devotion which men should have toward His holy Wounds.       

At last everything changed.  Rose came back to her normal state but appeared to be sleeping.  During that time she brought back her arm to its place.  In spite of all I had seen, this sight caused me an indescribable jolt.  Then Rose’s smile returned to her lips and she remarked: “Oh my good Jesus.”  Suddenly Rose came to and began to speak to me.  I must add here that the first part of this declaration, namely, the Communion without deglutition, had four witnesses Mrs. George Robert, Mr and Mrs. Albert Robert, Mr. Alphonse Touchette, Laura, and Joseph Touchette, and many others, all from Providence, R.I. and Montreal, Canada.         

Tuesday, 8 October 1929.  Marie Rose Ferron is suffering very much and is almost continuously, i.e., in ecstasy.  From time to time she becomes conscious, but no long enough to realize my presence.  I notice that she has chills to the extent that even her bed trembles.  Twice she fixed her eyes on a point.  Her face became illumined as if she saw someone.  She smiled at that scene.  It lasted a few minutes.  She tried to raise her head to see better and draw nearer to the object which attracted her eyes.  Then her head fell back on the pillow and she said: “Oh my Jesus,” to me Rose was ravished.  She was most beautiful to look at.       

11 October 1929 - Friday.  I shall speak in another report on the stigmata of Rose which I have seen, and I shall also speak of her sufferings which preceded the following ecstasy of which I was a witness and during which I took the following notes:  

In Ecstasy       

After moments of unheard of suffering and after the hour of the crucifixion, at 3 o’clock, p.m.  Rose’s face changed.  All traces of suffering were gone.  The blood continued to flow, but her bleeding face smiled at Jesus.  She became very beautiful to look at, for her face was full of joy; she is having dialogue with Jesus.  We hear her speak, sing, but we do not hear what Jesus tells her.  I say “we” because I am not alone.  There are present Father Vincent, her Confessor, and his assistant, Father Faillant; Mrs. Alice Guerin, Mrs. .Ferron, etc.    

Here are the notes I have taken.  Rose is now speaking:  

“You had told me that it would not show.  It shows more than ever…”  

“They don’t need me, everybody can weep…”  

“I am telling you, Oh my good Jesus, if they are going to grieve you, come and get them quick…”  

“I fear myself much more…”  

“If I am in somebody’s road….”  

“With regard to me, Oh my good Jesus, I am yours forever, but spare my own...”  

“I am giving her to you, Afterwards come and take me.  It is something big I am giving you.” (She is speaking about making a sacrifice of her mother if need be.)  

“May Thy Will be done...”

“I am afraid they take me….” (Photographers)  

“You know those messages…. You know, my Jesus, I am not strong at that…”  

“Please, my Jesus, it just not appears like that...” (And as she says that she passes her hand on her eyes)  

“As far as I am concerned, my duty is to have my pastor loved… no one will force me to say that I don’t love him… I love him more on account of that…”  

“I called you many times today...”  

“I am so tried and so persecuted since I have lent my crucifix…”  

“I have written their names in my heart… Yes, Bishop Hickey, my two directors Father Vincent and Father Gauthier, and also Father Boyer and Father Leonard…”  

“My beads?  Where are they?...”  (she looks around)  

“I have them…”

“Now this is my Rosary..” (She looks for them again. She recognizes her beads that are blessed from those that are not.)  

“Here’s one… Here’s two… it’s well to have them blessed… If it is especially blessed, place it on the neck of a sick child…He will be calmed.. If not…”  

“You are going to bless this one.  After that you are going to bless the other…” (Here she waits, makes the sign of the cross with the beads which she kisses) “I must not mislay this one...”  

(She places it on her neck.  She does the same to the second one.) 
“This one is mine.” (She shows it) “…which I have made you bless.  It is already blessed.” (She looks for the other which she blessed.)  

 “I have placed the others in my box...the others? You can go and bless them there.  One of Father Philippon (assistant to Father Vincent), one for Father Faillant (assistant to Fr. Vincent) He has his own…” (It is myself)  

“I will have been grieved to let You have mine..”  

“Three o’clock has passed…”  

“No, You are very nice” and smiling she passes her hand on her right eye..”The wounds have ceased..” (to bleed)  

“But I…” “I have no strength, my Jesus… You must help me.”  

“I ask You to place a smile on my lips and a ray of Thy Glory in my eyes in order not to be repulsive.”  

“I don’t insist to see… I am giving them to You…” (She is blind.)  

“How I would like to love You for all those who are cold towards You…”    

“I have told Bishop Hickey….” “Friday is a day for you.”  “Bishop Hickey will become a great saint...I told him that we just be “tried” to become one...”  

“That not I …”  

“If Father Leonard knew that… No… Never.. Even if I had been able I would not tell him…”  

“According to me it is a dream... they will never succeed in making me say otherwise. They will say it is a dream. (She awakens suddenly )  

“Don’t leave… please… You grieve me.”  

“I am not complaining about that… “ (here she is alluding to what Fr. Vincent said when he was appointed pastor, that she knew it and that he would have many difficulties, then everything would go well(  

“It is not…”  

“By chance he understands me…”  

“Henry Vincent? I don’t hold faster to him than to the air...”  

“That I sing?”  

"We are in the month of the Rosary…”  

“It is by the Rosary that I have been privileged…”  

“I am weak…”  

“If it bleeds?”  

“It doesn’t bother me in any way. My side bleeds to the extent that my body is glued to the sheet.  I feel the blood run inside, but it doesn’t worry me….”  

“I must begin by her…..”  

“You must help me… I have short breathe. You must make it longer…” (She begins to sing): “Oh, Mary. Oh my tender Mother, come to the aid of your child. Protect also my little mother, as through her I have learned to love you so much.. Keep us all… As you know, Oh Virgin Mother.. Chain us…. With the chains of your Rosary. “Oh Mary, now that I return…..”  

“I wish, Oh Mary, as ever, that he may be faithful to you”
Yes, always, always, always,
Oh Virgin Queen, protect your children
Under your wings, as ever…
But for his Master always faithful…”    
(end of song)  

“You have always said.” “Ask much for I love generous hearts” and I don’t fail to do it!” (She laughs.)  

“To come to intercede through me who is worth so little?”   “You know, my Jesus, You have promised to pay him a visit… even if it were only at the moment of his death… You know he expects You… You want me to sacrifice one of Your visits..?  That is something tremendous that You are asking; my heart is grieved about it…(she seems to be weeping)

“Yes, I make the sacrifice, but not for too long…”  

“You know he has good parishioners; they have good hearts…. When they come to see me they are glad to have done so and they give thanks to have known me… and I answer them.. Don’t’ thank God to have known me, but to have Fr. Vincent as a pastor.” (Then she laughs)  

“If I make the sacrifice, will you go to see him sooner? You know when I say “Yes,” it is “Yes;” and when I say “No,” it is “no…” I am much more different of myself than I am of him. You have promised me that You would go… You would not see him? But You have said so. Don’t wait until after his death.  It will be too late... I am asking very much of You? When it will please You,. You must go to see him… I have taken You at Your word. You have often taken me at my word”  

(She speaks of her mother): “I am wondering why she is so afraid of the Pastor.  She has so many consolations when Fr. Vincent comes… I am giving her to You… If You wish, come and get her….” (she weeps)  

“In reference to me, my Jesus, I am Yours forever.”  

“Saints have walked through the paths of ordeals… not I… but mother.”  

“The Rosary month… month of trials… Why I ? You are laughing at me…You make me gossip for hours then You laugh, for You know all those things…”  

“You rightly say “Rose has a big heart”  (then she sings)  

“Oh Jesus, Yes I love You and I wish without shadow to love You more than myself.
Oh Jesus, Yes I love you,  it is You who make my happiness.
It is You who make my happiness… Yes, You
I wish to live for You my Jesus
And it is for You my Jesus, I wish also to suffer.
Oh, my Jesus, it is still only for You,
For it would be the Will of my Heavenly Father.  

Yes, I am longing so much to die….
Oh, Jesus, it is You who make my happiness.”  
(end of song)  

“It flows.” (she puts her hand on her left side)  

“When I raised myself, it runs…” (the blood)  

“but, oh Jesus, my will remains united to Yours… Well, my Jesus, I must return…”  

"Yes, he is leaving; I will not be able to see him.” (It is myself)  

“Bless me before I return…”(she continues to speak for about ¼ hour)  

“Bless me…”(filled with emotion and a religious respect, three times she makes the sign of the cross while reciting a formula which I was unable to understand.)  

Marie Rose Ferron Becomes Conscious, Which Permits Me to Converse with Her       

The day before this Friday, 11 October 1929, I.e.., Thursday the 10th of October, Mrs. Alphonse Touchette of Providence and myself did not see a trace of blood which could make us foresee what would happen the following day.  We even exchanged our impressions on that subject.       

Friday, January 3, 1930:  Here are a few notes taken during the ecstasy of this day.  These notes are textual.  To begin with, she speaks in a very low tone.  We hear her pronounce words which we cannot understand, then her voice increases little by little.  

“No, You are laughing at me, my Jesus. What? (She brings her right hand to her eyes without any help while before we were obliged to help her move her arm.)  

“They don’t bleed very much now… Do You know, my Jesus, that nuns are peculiar? What? Ah, I can’t blame them. They must be related to St. Thomas…”  

“If they knew that they are causing him worries with that.”  

“Don’t speak so loud… What? It is I who speak loud?’ (She seems to repeat what Jesus has told her.)  

“I knew it… I forbid them to say…My Jesus…”  

“I would do as well to tell them “Get out and say it outside...”  

“To think, my Jesus that there are so many who refuse to go to the altar rail and I who desire so much to receive…” (For some time past the priest had been giving her only weekly communion.)  

“If they knew…”  “I who wanted to receive on New Year’s Day...”  “My Jesus... Where You are concerned I could brave everything…”

“At Christmas, however, let them go… I understand, my Jesus… It was hard for me…” ah, I am offering this sacrifice… You have asked me a big one to begin the year… However, I have told him, my Jesus that I wish I could love him for the French who did not love him. (Bishop Hickey.)                      
(This is all I have written because I was too overcome with emotion.)  

Before speaking Rose was suffering very much.  She did not have enough strength to use her hand.  We had to help her.  Her head was very heavy to lift.  

Saturday, 25 October 1930:  Rose is very weak and suffering.  She is almost always in Ecstasy.  I was hardly able to speak to her 15 minutes.  As I must return to Montreal next Monday with friends who are coming to see her and get me, I told her all my sorrow to think that she would not be able to speak to them, and she told me: “ Have confidence; I shall be free to receive them.”  Before my departure she fell into ecstasy… She does not speak but she is absorbed in a long imaginative vision.  First her eyes were closed.  She kept smiling at whatever she saw…. Then, the vision seemed to be real, for when she opened her eyes, she stared at someone or something.  She was ravished and she seemed to be trying to attain the object of her vision. She was very beautiful to look at.”       

Monday, 27 October 1930:  My friends of Montreal, Mr. Victor and Arthur Fortier, Delvida Daoust and Ovila Belisle, came to get me.  Upon arriving at Rose’s home we had a great surprise.  Rose was very beautiful.  No traces of suffering: a radical change.  She was herself to receive my friends, as she had promised.  Her eyes were bright with a truly extraordinary light.  She had a smile on her lips which Jesus had given her just as He had place in her eyes a ray of His glory.  Her voice was very strong.  In their presence Rose had three long visions.  She went into ecstasy without warning.  Her eyes became luminous.  They stared at one of the corners of the ceiling; trying to raise herself, making effort to succeed, but her head alone would go forward.  During this time she had a beautiful smile.  All of us were feasting our eyes on her.  Suddenly her head fell while she was saying: “My good Jesus.”    

Ecstatic Phenomena  

I am now going to speak on the ecstatic phenomena which I have witnessed myself:  


On the 3rd of August 1930, Mrs. that Rose travelled much and very frequently.  “Rose” she said, “travels very much.  We can see that by her speech.  Suddenly she loses consciousness and will speak as follows: “Where are you bringing me at this rate?  You are going too fast.  I choke.  You know that I have short breathe.  Help me or I’ll die.  Hey!  Hold me fast.  I am going to fall down.  You are bringing me so high.  I am afraid You will drop me. Hey! You are holding me only by my little finger.  If You let go I am done for.  Hold me fast.”  

Mr. Berard         

In Montreal, I had a sick man whose name was Berard, a good Catholic.  He received every Sunday.  Unfortunately, he had a cancer in the throat.  He was unable to take anything, not even water, and much less Holy Communion.  This, of course, caused him a great sorrow and made him very fearful.  I spoke to Rose January 3, 1930 and asked her to pray for him.  She answered: “Oh, it is so hard not to receive Holy Communion when we desire it.  I know that myself.  Take this medal.  Let him soak it in water before he drinks it and recite five Our Fathers, five Hail Mary’s and 25 Glories.  If the cure does not take place, he will certainly be able to receive Holy Communion one day.  Tell him to have confidence.”  Upon my return to Montreal, I delivered Rose’s message to Mr. Berard and told him to have confidence in the holy wounds of Our Lord.       

On the 15th of Feb. 1930, they called for me.  Mr. Berard was very ill.  He told me: “I saw this morning when I awoke a nun dressed in white near me, and when I wished to turn to see her better, she disappeared as she rose above me.”  Upon hearing him say this, I believed that Rose was sending me a warning.  I, therefore, decided to give him Holy Communion in spite of the family’s protests.  They had tried to give him the unconsecrated hosts that I had left in their home for that purpose. AT 2 o’clock sharp I called on Mr. Berard.  He repeated, and his family also that they had tried to give him the unconsecrated host without success shortly before I arrived.  I paid no attention to their remarks.  I told Mr. Berard not to be alarmed that God would fix everything.  I performed the necessary ceremonies, and I gave him Holy Communion.  Mr. Berard received it and was able to drink two glasses of water, one after the other, without choking, or without spitting…. I made a short thanksgiving with him.  He asked me for more water.  I gave him more water and he was unable to swallow even a drop.  Mr. Berard died a few hours later.  (Rose had visited him and her prophecy was realized)  Later Rose said to me herself: “Wasn’t your Mr. Berard happy to receive?”    

Mrs. Alice Guerin  

Thursday, August 7, 1930:  They had spoken to me of the pilgrimage of Mrs. Alice Guerin to the sanctuary of Little Therese.  I spoke about it to Little Rose, and she herself told me what had taken place.      

Mrs. Guerin wanted to go in pilgrimage to the shrine of Little Therese.  She came here to tell me that she feared to bring her baby, who is my godchild, with her.  Rosemary is only 8 months old and the mother fears she would be too unruly.  I told her “Bring her, for she will behave better than you will.” Mrs. Guerin accordingly went on the pilgrimage with her housemaid who took along Rosemary.     

Mrs. Guerin worked her way through the crowd at the shrine until she reached the front of the church, leaving the maid behind.  The church was jammed to the extent that it was almost impossible to go ahead.  The maid also made her way to the altar rail near Mrs. Guerin.  The preacher came forward.  Rosemary had her arms folded and listened to him as a grown-up person.  She did not even turn her head around.  Her eyes were fixed on the preacher, while Mrs. Guerin was unable to do as much.  During Benediction, Rosemary played with Little Jesus whom I (Rose) showed her.  She sent him kisses with her hands, smiled at him and expressed her joy to the extent that everybody noticed; it was Little Jesus who amused her.  Before the preaching, I (Rose) caused Rosemary to play by showing her the tabernacle and making her understand that Little Jesus was inside.  Rosemary Guerin waved her hands as I called her attention to Little Jesus.  During the Procession, in order that Rosemary would be near the Blessed Sacrament, I held back the crown so the maid and Mrs. Guerin would be the first to follow It.  I was afraid that they would notice my presence, and I said to my Jesus: “Look at that curious Guerin!  You would think that she sees me.  Hide me from her.  Oh, she came near touching me while she was passing.  It was lucky that she did not for I would not have wanted it to happen.”      

While I was in the kitchen before Rose told me that story, Mrs. Ferron had already told me what Rose had said in the ecstasy on that occasion: “Hold me well. We must arrive there before them.  At last we are here.”  Then Rose began to lay with outstretched hands before her, seemingly calling someone.  She was making a sign as if she wanted to show something.  “Look, it is there where Little Jesus is.  Call Him.  He will come.  Do you see Him?  Send Him kisses. Listen to what the man says.  Listen well.  Look at that Guerin.  Curious as she can be.  Look at the Little Jesus and nowhere else.  Listen better than you are listening.  Oh, here they come.”     

Mrs. Guerin decided to follow immediately after the Blessed Sacrament, but how could she get there in such a crowd that was pressing in the center?  All at once, as soon as the Blessed Sacrament came out the choir, the crowd stopped moving and they were able to advance before everyone without knowing why the crowd had stopped so suddenly.  (Rose had gone to the pilgrimage)  

Death of Mr. Touchette

Rose was present when Mr. Touchette of Providence, R.I. died at the hospital.  Rose herself told me that she know everything concerning the death of Mr. Touchette.  She told me over the phone on January 1, 1930: “Yes, I know it; I was there.”  That very night over the phone she repeated the same thing to Mrs. Touchette herself. On Thursday, 2 January, Rose said: “It pleases me to learn all that I already knew.  If everybody could die like Mr. Touchette, there would be many less in Hell.”  
Rose – Bilocation and Prophetic    

On Thursday, 8 October, 1929.  Little Rose told me the following:” “Father Leonard, you appear to have been sent by Little Jesus, and you seem to have a role to play in my life.”       

Wednesday, 9 October 1929.  Little Rose told me this: “Father Leonard, you speak too much.  It would not be as easy thing to lock your jaw.”  “But,” I answered, “I haven’t spoken too much, except to those women when I was present here last summer, and to a few others.”  “It is useless to try to lie to me,” she answered, “because I read consciences.  It is impossible for you to lie to me.  Do you understand” I defy whoever it may be to tell me “Yes” when it is “No” or “No” when it is “Yes.”  I know everything before asking it.  You speak too much and sometimes it is not in convenient places for the moment.”  I then thought of an instance and admitted having made an allusion to her in the closing sermon of a retreat for Children.  Then I had felt as if I were being choked by an invisible hand.  “It was good for you,” said Rose.  “What, would it be you? It is you or your Little Jesus.”  “If you begin again,” she answered, “You will discover the answer, for you will see that I can squeeze much tighter. Pay more attention to what you say.  Prudence, prudence, and attention to all that you could say of me.  Attention and prudence.  Preserve the advantage you have of being preferred.  If you are, as I believe you are, sent by God to play a certain role in my life, you should preserve that preference……Pray very much for me.  I pray and shall pray for you….you will be persecuted on my account.  You will be treated as an imbecile and a fool.”     

For better explanation, here is what happened:  “When I visited Rose in July she had asked me not to speak about her. “They say that women talk too much.  There are also men who speak much ore.  You are going to be tempted to speak.  Watch your words.”                                                    

One day in a sermon on the Blessed Eucharist, closing a children’s’ retreat at St. Vincent Ferrer Church, while I was thinking of Rose and all I had heard of her, I wanted to speak of her as follows: “During my vacation, I became acquainted with a young girl.”  At that moment I felt a hand catch me at the throat.  The fingers squeezed it so tight that I felt them penetrated deeper and deeper to the extent that I was really choking.  My face became distorted. Afterwards, the children told me I had changed color: red, blue, and black, etc., and I was making an effort to get rid of that choking feeling.  After being freed, without understanding anything about it, I ended my sermon saying: “My children receive Holy Communion frequently.”  (Rose had come to stop me from speaking.)  

Phenomenon Weight and Rigidity

Another phenomenon which I have witnessed is the one of muscular rigidity and the phenomenon of weight, which is apparent in the ecstasies of Rose.  On the 28th of July 1929 after her Communion without deglutition, Rose was in ecstasy.  During the sufferings of the crucifixion, I saw her stretch out her right arm as if to allow the nail to pierce her hand.  The hand and fingers were writhing with contortions.  The mother requested me to try to lift her and to bend her arm and her fingers.  I was unable to do so.  The arm and the hand were of such a weight that we almost believed that they were attached to some invisible being.  They were s rigid as wood.  

In ecstasy, Rose is trying to levitate- only her feet and head are on the bed- she is pulling against the three bands that hold her to her bed- many times she has broken these bands and levitated, which were witnessed:  

January 3, 1930.  Rose is suffering very much.  Her Sufferings are intense if we are to judge by her behavior in bed.  She is unconscious and incapable of lifting her arm or to help herself with her hand.  When she seems to be conscious, we are obliged to lift her arm and carry her hand where she intends to place it.  She trembles repeatedly just as she would if she had chills.  We notice that the thorns make her suffer very much.  We rub her head with our hands in spite of her bleeding wounds.  Her body tends to rise.  Only her head and head touch the bed.  Mrs. Guerin puts all her weight on her to force her body to take a normal position.     

There is extraordinary rigity; she is like a piece of wood and we must almost break her neck to lift her.  You would think she was a marble statue.  I am holding her head which is very heavy.  It takes all my (Fr. Leonard) strength.  You would think she was a block of stone.  During the ecstasy which followed immediately, Rose used her arm and her hand without help.                         

Other Ecstatic Phenomena:  

§  Gift of Prophecy
§  Hierognosis (the discernment of holy things from profane ones)
§  Perfumes
§  Visions
§  Rigidity, yielding to intellectual and voluntary activity
§  Levitation
§  Communion without Deglutition (not swallowing)
§  Foresight    

My Automobile Accident (Fr. Leonard)
(Possible Miracle)

On the 14th of Feb. 1930, Rose sent me through Mr. Misael Guertin of Providence, R.I. a six-inch crucifix with the request that I wear it always.  On the following August, after thanking her for the crucifix, she said to me: “Always carry this crucifix with you for you will need it one day.”  She repeated this advice three times and insisted upon it.  “What do you mean?”  I said with some surprise.” “Oh, don’t be afraid:” was her answer, “we are always in need of our good Jesus, but do promise me that you will always carry it on you for you will need it one day.”  Since then I have never failed to wear it night and day.       

On July 24, 1937, a year after Rose’s death, I was driving back all alone from St. Jovite, County Terrebonne, P.Q., Canada.  Upon arriving at Cote Marcotte, half-way between Lesage and St. Jerome, I heard the alarm bell of a Canadian Pacific freight train that was rushing at full speed toward the railroad crossing.  I tried to put on the brakes but I began to skid, for it had rained and the road was slippery.  As I had no hopes of stopping in time and wishing to avoid the train, I yanked the steering wheel to the left and landed in the gutter.  In doing so I struck a big telephone pole and cut it in two.  My automobile was smashed.  The motor was at my feet, the steering wheel out of shape, and the front of the car  knocked inside.  And I? Not a scratch.  My crucifix only, rose’s crucifix, was bent.  This happened when my chest bumped against the steering wheel.     

During the medical check-up which followed the accident, my doctor noted the crucifix and said: “You owe a candle to your protector, the Crucifix.  Without it your chest would have been knocked in and found in the automobile trunk!”  The X-ray showed that everything was normal.  The insurance company, however; obliged me to stay indoors for observation.  They later paid me a pension until the next September.  This crucifix was shielded by iron braces one each side. It was bent sidewise and not on the flat side.  I have let it in that state.  Rose told me that I would need it one day.  For that reason, I continue to wear it night and day.               


The Discernment of Holy Things From Profane Ones       

I have observed that experience on the occasion of an extraordinary ecstasy of Little Rose which took place on the 11th of October 1929.  She was then able to discern the beads that were blessed from the others that were not, as I reported on Page 8 of this report.  In that ecstasy, Rose acted and spoke under a divine impulsion.  She had absolutely no knowledge of the words or of the acts.  She looked and said: “My beads, where are they?  I have them.  No, this is my rosary.”  She looked for them again with her hand then she distinguished her beads which were blessed from the others that were not, and which her mother was placing on her bed. You will bless this one.  Afterwards you will bless the other.  I must not mislay this one.”  She placed it around her neck, etc.  “This one is mine,” (she shows it) “which I have made You bless.  It is already blessed.  And she looks for another.  


On the 3rd of January 1930, as reported on Page 16 of this report, I attended another ecstasy.  After asking her Jesus to bless her, she signs herself with a large sign of the cross.  After a few minutes, she opens her eyes and asks me to have supper with her parents.  As I hesitated to accept, she told me that they would be pleased and that the brother would bring me back to Providence.  I then accepted.  She asked Mrs. Guerin to undo the dressing of her left hand.  I naturally opened my eyes wide so as not to miss anything.  I was able to see and touch her left hand.  How can I translate my thoughts here?  Her left hand is smaller than the right and clenched inside. Her fingers, except her thumb, dig into the flesh, and her nails pierce the skin of the palm.  What a bleeding wound; what pain she must have felt.  I was able to touch that stigmata that she had two inches long and oval in shape.  I kissed that hand and the blood which oozed from it had an odor which is unknown to me.  This perfume remained until the following morning on me.  She herself showed me that hand which I was able toexamine leisurely.  At her suggestion I tried to draw out and pull her nails from the flesh, and as I was unable she helped me to do it.  While she placed a finger on one side and I placed a finger on the other side, we were able to get her fingers out of that groove, except the big middle finger which was bent more than the others, the nerve of which seemed to have been attacked by the nail of the cross.    

I had supper there before sitting down at the table I washed my hands as usual. When I returned to Providence, my relatives and friends were able to smell the perfume which was still coming from my hands…. Perfume  which lasted all night until the next morning.  These who have smelled this perfume were:  my relatives, friends.  Mr. & Mrs. George Robert. Mr. Alphonse Touchette,  Miss Laura Touchette, Mr. M. Guertin, and Alphonse Touchette, Jr. Mrs. Guerin, the parents and the brother (Bill).


Many times I have witnessed visions which for me were truly divine and not diabolic.  With Rose these visions at first produced a feeling of fright and fear, but they were soon followed with a profound sentiment of durable peace, of joy, and of charity.  These visions according to me, have served only to strengthen her soul in thevirtues of humility, obedience and patience, and conformity to the will of God.  These visions have never caused her any trouble, sadness, or discouragement and never on any occasion did Rose manifest any pride, and presumption, or any disobedience.  She was always submissive to her spiritual director.  She always practiced modesty, humility.  She had no natural desire to be admired.  Rose had sensory visions, during which she saw the Child Jesus bearing His cross since the age of three.  Then, she told me herself, at the age of seven during one of these apparitions, Jesus taught her a prayer: the Supplication for Sinners.       

In May 1929, as she told me herself, the Virgin Mary appeared to unroll before her eyes the 15 mysteries of the Rosary (as reported on Page 1 of this report.)     

During her visions which I have witnessed Rose speaks, listens, plays with the Child Jesus or dies on His cross.  We would think that during these sensory visions, that the eyes of Rose perceive an objective reality.  Naturally, they were invisible to us.      

Rose had imaginative visions: Visions which were produced in the imagination while she was awake, and during her sleep.  During that time, Rose learned many supernatural and divine things.  When she became conscious, she did not remember where she had learned those things.      Rose has had raptures.  Her eyes open, she would raise herself all ravished, wish to seize an object seen by herself alone.  She appeared to be inflamed and beside herself.  She was suddenly seized by the presence of her Jesus and this with such force or embrace that she felt as though she were beside herself and nailed to her Jesus.  

Important Information for Case

(Fr. Leonard kept a diary on Rose on each visit - he gave it to Fr. Palm, which is now in Rome since 2003. with the Congregation of Causes for Saints.)  

Document of Abstinence by Fr. Henry Leonard         

I became acquainted with Marie Rose Ferron on the 27th of July 1929.  From that date until her death in 1936, I visited her more than fifty times.  I have even taken meals at her home.  During all that time, I never knew Rose to take any solid food.       

In my opinion Marie Rose Ferron has never practiced complete abstinence, but only a partial one; that is, she could take liquid food such as water, moxie, a little broth and now and then a few drops of brandy. Often she could not even take liquid food for days or even months.  

June 3, 1932- taken from the Document “Accusation”
Michael Boyer writes to Fr Boyer: “Mrs. Guerin tells me that Rose stayed 17 weeks without drinking.  

See P.  229 – of Vol 3 - Fr. Leonard’s test: Mrs. Guerin writes to him on July 27th 1929 “For many years Rose has been able to take only a very little water, three quarters of a glass, but never any solid food.”  

SEE P. 235-of Vol 3--- Mrs. Guerin is writing a letter for Rose “But she (Rose) is so sick she cannot take even a little water.”  

SEE P. 230- Vol 3 – Testimony of Sister Mary Angela - “She ( Rose) took only liquid food. In 1928, she went 16-17 nights without drinking or eating.”  

Here are the lies that were told:  

SEE P. 206 Fr. Baril test: “If people knew how much morphine she took, and brandy andcognas and whiskey!”  

On Feb. 28, 32 Mrs. Ferron wrote a letter:  “we stay up nights with her, for we cannot leave her alone. It is impossible for her to digest water. She does not ask to die but speaks to her Jesus like this: “I want to live if I can be useful but I don’t want others to see me suffer.”   

July 27, 1929 Mrs. Guerin told Fr. Leonard: “For years Rose has been able to take only a very little water, three- quarters of a glass, but never any solid food. She has already gone 17 days without taking anything, not even water.  You know that Rose has lockjaw.    

Oct 9, 1929- Fr. Vincent told me (Fr. Leonard) “Only the Consecrated Host can sheswallow without being sick.”  

P. 2—Taken from doc of Leonard abstinence---July 28, 1929- speaking about Rose receiving the Host and having lockjaw.  

See Pg. 218 Mrs. Beaudoin: I used to be there nearly every time Fr. Baril came to give Rose Holy Communion.” He came in quickly and left quickly without saying a prayer afterwards.” Mrs. Beaudoin is telling Fr. Palm how Rose had to open her mouth and Fr .Baril didn’t like it and he didn’t want to give her Communion and because she fainted (ecstasy) after she received.” (lockjaw).                

Taken from Doc of Fr. Leonard about Abstinence:  

Jan 3, 30- this letter speaks about Rose not being able to eat  and that they tried to give her drinks but she would eject everything- Rose would try and try but “We could see the suffering she endured by the efforts she made, and we heard the liquid fall into her stomach like rocks.”  

Father Adrien Gauthier of Fall River, MA, Rose’s first spiritual director, never abandoned her, but kept in touch with her until her death.  He writes: Food did not agree with her stomach she was constantly tormented by the pangs of hunger. She practically couldn’t digest anything.    

Leonard writing:  Rose was always thirsty.” Said Fr. Gauthier. Rose said: “Hunger makes a person weak, but thirst devours him like a raging fire which never ceases.”  

In Jan 1932, she had gone three months without taking a drop of water.”  

 _____________________End of Sources---------------------------------  

Continued on Abstinence---------------------------------------       

“On the 11th day of January, 1932, Mrs. Alice Guerin wrote to me: “Our Little Rose is a little better.  We say better because she begins to smile and to talk a little, but she is still sick.  She cannot even take a little water.  We give her a little Moxie but right away it comes up.  She cannot keep it down.”        

On the 28th of February, 1932, Mrs. J.B. Ferron, Rose’s mother, wrote: “Our Little Rose is very sick.  We stay up nights with her, for we cannot leave her alone.  She cannot take anything, it is impossible for her to digest water.  She ejects it at once.  She is always nauseated.  She does not ask to die, but speaks to her Jesus like this: “I want to live if I can be useful, but I don’t want others to see me suffer.”        

On the 27th of July, 1929, Mrs. Alice Guerin told me: “for many years Rose has been able to take only a very little water, three-quarters of a glass, but never any solid food.  She has already gone seventeen days without taking anything, not even water.  You now that Rose has lockjaw.  She cannot open her mouth to eat.  However, she does to receive Holy Communion, but only when she pries her jaws open with her crucifix.  This is done with much pain and difficulty and only when the priest is holding the consecrated Host before her.”       

On the 9th of October, 1929, Father Henry Vincent, Pastor of Arctic Center, RI, told me: “Only the Consecrated Host can she swallow without being sick.  I tried repeatedly to make her receive with non-consecrated hosts but it was always done without results.  

---------------End of Abstinence---------------  

Bishop Tobin: The following contains material about “fragrances” which is the “odor of saints,” as did Saints Pio, Therese, Neumann, Catherine Emmerich and many others- this is considered a “third class” miracle.  

Father Emile Leonard
Reports Two Manifestations of Fragrance Coming from Little Rose

It was in the forenoon of July 10th, the day following the exhumation of Little Rose’s body, that I received the fragrance of roses.  While the body was in the vault, we took some pieces of her veil as relics.  When we reached Rose’s home,  Sister Marie Walter of Convent Station, New Jersey, gave Mrs. Ferron a piece of the bridal veil which Rose wore at the time of her burial in May 1936.  Suddenly, a very strong and exquisite perfume of roses came from the fingers of Sister Marie Walter.  This was detected by many who were in the house.  I did not smell anything.  Then I said, “It is not surprising.  I don’t expect to be favored by Little Rose with any of her fragrance because I had already been favored while she was alive, on Jan. 30, 1930.  Moreover, I never ask for such favors.”  At this moment, Marie O’Brien of Detroit, whispered to me, “You will get it, for I shall pray to Little Rose and ask her to grant you this favor.”  In spite of this remark, I was firmly convinced that I would never receive it.  I firmly believed that I would not receive it as I had already been favored with the fragrance while Little Rose was alive.     

At 11 A.M. as I passed through the chapel to go to the hall-way where Sister Marie Walter and others were, Sister came to me with her right hand outstretched and said, “Smell it Father.”  Then I smelled a true perfume of roses, so strong that I felt as though I were in a room heavily laden with roses.  I pressed Sister’s hands so tight against my nose that she thought I would break her knuckles.”  

Sister Marie Walter
Convent Station, New Jersey,
Confirms the above Statements of Father Leonard       

After giving the veil to Mrs. Ferron, Sister Marie Walter went into the chapel and stood in the doorway which opened into the vestibule.  As an answer to remarks someone made concerning Little Rose, Sister raised her two fingers and said, “I believe firmly that Rose’s soul is in Heaven with God.”  

Instantly, a strong odor of roses filled the chapel and waves of the fragrance moved into the kitchen.  Those who were there rushed into the chapel to see what had happened.  Although Sister had received a strong odor of roses, she did not know where it came from until someone near her remarked, “Why, it is coming from your fingers.”  At this moment, Father Leonard appeared and Sister, raising her two fingers, said, “Smell, Father, smell.”  The fragrance lasted about three minutes.  

About fifteen minutes later, someone happened to touch Sister’s cape, the cape that had covered Rose’s body that morning, and upon touching the cape by accident, it gave forth a fragrance.  As they lifted the cape up and down, waves of fragrance filled the air.  It was not on the sleeve but only on the cape which had touched Rose’s body.  This lasted about twenty minutes.  

The same people, who were present for the first manifestation, also witnessed the second manifestation.  They are as follows:  

Sister Marie Walter, Marie O’Brien, Mrs. Ferron, Mr. LeMire, Mr. and Mrs. Lagasse,  Mrs. Alberic Francoeur, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Imbeau, Mr. Julien Imbeau, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferris, Mr and Mrs. Albert Charrette, Herbert Vigue, Leo Ferris, 11 years old, Cecile Charrette – 5 years old.  Mary Glavin and Marie Briere did not smell anything.

The Following is a Letter that Fr. Leonard
Received from Mrs. Guerin
 86 Asylum Street  
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

January 1933  

Father Leonard,  
Little Rose has received your letter and thanks you for your kind prayers, and you may rest assured that she often thinks of you in her moments of suffering.  She says that your intentions are hers.  She will not forget any of the persons that you have recommended to her.  I am going to tell you, also, that I though it took too much of your time to write to us.  It was lucky that we heard from you; I was about to write to you without saying anything to Rose.  Goodness!  But I was angry with you, because my Little Rose has many, many things that her Jesus sends to her, and she needs many prayers.  And I thought that you, “her little brother from Montreal” (as she calls you) had forgotten her.  Be very careful; you know that Mr. Satan is on the rampage doing a lot of harm these days—how he is doing all in his power to keep my little Rose’s friends from her.  Just think!  That gentleman comes from time to time to make himself at home in the heart of big Madame Guerin.  I assure you that there are times when it is hard for me to put him out.  I am going to ask you to pray for me.  We mustn’t let him win.  I thought that perhaps he had been to visit you too.  Don’t forget to put him out…..       

You know Father Boyer?  Well, he came to see Rose and., do you know?  He told me he was very proud to see Rose as she is.  He says Little Rose is rapidly improving.  I was very happy to have put my visitor (Mr. Satan) out.       

It’s very queer—is it not?  All who love Rose have the same ideas these days; it’s for this reason that I say Mr. Satan is doing a lot of harm.  Be careful.  My Little Rose has been very ill for several weeks.  It is very sad for us because we hate to see her suffer, but for her, what joy!  As she says: “it is so sweet to suffer for my Jesus!”       

She wishes you a happy and Holy New Year, good health, if it is the Will of Jesus, good health to win many souls to Him.  She asks you to bless her and to pray for her and her family.       

On your next visit, my Little Rose has much to tell you.  There is always news to give to our little brother when he hasn’t been here for a long time--- do you understand.  

Don’t forget.  Pray hard for me. Thank you,                                                    

Little Rose                                                        
Madame Guerin    

Letter from Mrs. Ferron to Father Leonard of Montreal
MAY 6, 1933

Dear Father Leonard:     

It is the mother of your little sister Rose who is coming to give you some news which is not very good.  She has had a hard time but she is a little better, although she is still suffering and very sick.  I take the liberty of telling you that she is going through a big trial which is very hard for her and for me.  For the devil seems to take pleasure in tormenting certain souls who are so dear to Rose.  I am referring to the woman in whom she has so much confidence, Mrs. Guerin, who was good to her and so devoted.  You have noticed, no doubt, they were like two sisters with one soul.  Now the devil is using a tongue more thoughtless than wicked to upset her.  But our Little Rose is full of courage.  She takes it with a spirit of faith, for she tells us: “Don’t be worried.  This is a trial, but let us pray that God may give the Guerin’s the grace of fortitude to overcome the thoughtless tongue which tries to separate us.”    

She has not been for several weeks now, not even on Good Friday.  Rose, no doubt, has had much sorrow.  She offers up everything and tries to console us: “My Jesus himself has been betrayed and denied by the first of his Apostles, and He, Our Lord, was persecuted and I am nothing but a little wild rose exposed to every tempest.  Well, I do not ask to be treated differently than my Master.  Remember that His holy Mother followed Him to Calvary.  Therefore, have courage, mother, and together let us follow this road covered with thorns.  It is the shortest road to Heaven and Heaven is so beautiful!  The way to follow this road is by prayer, poverty, suffering, charity, sacrifice renunciation….” I am forgetting some of those, no doubt.  Rose says:” Let us form our crown of thorns on earth so that Our Jesus may change it into a crown of roses for Heaven.”  I am telling you that so that you may know that she is truly my consolation in this world for she always has a smile on her lips to console us, but my motherly heart weeps for this poor child is going through all this alone, for her Director, Fr. Vincent is very sick.  He has been operated on and has not returned since the 8th of December.  Sometimes I say to her “If at least he could come.”  “While we are waiting, my Jesus is there.”  And she adds: “We are still privilege to have Fr. Gauthier who comes and consoles and blesses us.”  I told her that I was writing to you.  She answered, “Mother, I am not asking you to tell me what you have written, but recommend me to him in a special way, and tell him that I count on his prayers.”  Pray also for her father and for the whole family and for her mother, who feels she is getting old and weak, and who is asking strength to be able to take care of her until the end if it is the Will of our good God.     

I recommend to you my young son who is without work and also one of my daughters who is the mother of three children and who is expecting another at the end of this month.     

Please bless us.  Excuse my writing with a lead pencil.  I am disturbed too many times to use ink.                                                 
From the mother of Little Rose  

Letters Written by Alice Guerin to Fr. Leonard  

I, undersigned, Emile Leonard, Priest, Pastor of the parish of Saint Etienne, (St. Stephen), at Montreal, Canada, after having invoked the name of God in witness to the truth, by touching the Holy Gospels, swear to speak the truth, and the truth only, in declaring what follows.     

I (first) knew Mrs.  Alice Guerin, at Rose Ferron’s in Woonsocket, R.I., USA in 1927 and I met her various times at Rose Ferron and began to deny all that she had told us about Rose Ferron.     

In 1932 Mrs. Guerin and her husband came to take me home to Montreal, and we spent the day travelling in the car.     

These letters which I have had photographed are all written by Mrs. Alice Guerin, who wrote in the name of Rose Ferron, for it was impossible for Rose Ferron to write.     

Some of these letters are signed by Mrs. Alice Guerin herself.  

Ego Infrascriptus, Emile Leonard, Sacerdos, Tacto Pectore, Juro, me, veritatem dizisse, ut supra deposu.                                 

Emile Leonard, Priest, Pastor.    

Reverend Father Leonard,     

I am writing in the name of Little Rose.  I am Mrs. Guerin, her nurse- if you think you can read my French.     

Mrs. Ferron is not very well and she is very busy and as you know, our Little Rose is too ill to write herself. She asked me this morning to write to you, so here I am!     

Little Rose wants you to know that she does not forget you in her poor prayers. She prays hard for all your intentions- those you mentioned to her. She also wants you to know for your consolation, that she has a souvenir to give you and if you come, she will give it to you.  If not, she will send it to you by mail.     

For some weeks already our Little Rose has been very will and you know that this famous Fourth of July with all the accompanying noise makes her a little more ill than on the other days-and then the heat.  This is hard also for the sick.     

Our Rose wants to tell you not to forget her in your prayers.  She asks also your blessing.                                             
Little Rose  

Father Leonard,     

It is I once again who will do my utmost to give you some news of our dear Little Rose.  She is not very well.  You understand that this great heat makes her very weak, but as always she says nothing.  She received your young couple. I imagine, they must have given you some news.  She received your portraits.  They are very good and she would like to have 12 of Msgr. Gauthier, and six of his parents.  And as for yours, she will tell you when she sees you why she does not want you to finish it. And then as regards the news which you want so much to know before leaving!!!  Well, all is going well.  You know one cannot say much on paper, so the sacrifice must be made.  For the moment we will put that off till later.     

Little Rose wants to tell you to pray hard for her.  On her part, she prays hard for you, and don’t forget her mother, who is also not very well.     

For the moment, this is all I can tell you.     

Rose wishes to tell you as regards the films guard them well.  Protect them.  You know what she means?  Once Again: union of prayers.                                                                              

Little Rose  

Mde. Guerin  

Father Leonard:     

You found it very odd, I’m sure, to receive a film without a letter to tell you what to do with it.   It is for our Little Rose.  I hope it will be good.  We are really eager to see this one.     

Our Little Rose wishes to tell you that it is most unfortunate, but in a letter, on papers, she cannot let you know very much; she is always the same.  One would like to say much more but one must put it off- until later.     

She assures you that she remembers her little brother from Montreal every day in her humble prayer.  In return, you must remember her very often for, at the moment, she has great need.      I have to tell you she has been given a lovely altar.  She should receive it at the end of the month, and I can assure you that it is very, very beautiful.  She also received some beautiful statues, with the eyes made of glass.  How beautiful they are- A beautiful Sacred Heart, a St. Joseph and a St. Therese.  The Blessed Virgin you have seen: well the others are just as beautiful.  Imagine how beautiful her altar will be.  And she received also a beautiful crucifix.  She is very eager for you to see it.  She said it’s a good thing she received all this, otherwise, she would have nothing to say to you.     

See, how lucky you are.  She asks you to pray hard for her good mother who is not very well and for her little brother, also.                                                                    

Your little sister in Jesus-Mary,
Little Rose  

Father Leonard:      We received your letter.  What you have heard said is quite true but our Little Rose is a little better- not much- just a little better.  You know, when she speaks to us and smiles at us, than we can say: Oh, she is a little better.  She suffers greatly still.  I ask you to continue praying hard and get others to pray.     

She keeps in mind all your intentions, especially that of your grandnephew.  How sad about that.  You can give him a small medal to wear and she assures you that she remembers him very specially, without forgetting her little brother from Montreal.     

You know, our Little Rose has great need of prayer.  If you only knew how much she needs prayer.  Don’t forget her.  We will tell you all about it when you are here.  Until then, pray, pray.     

Rose asks you to bless her.  I will write you at greater length, later.     

Mr. and Mrs.Ferron send their regards,                                                                         

Your little sister Rose  (Mrs. Guerin)      

Father Leonard:     

Well, little brother of Montreal, it is good to know that you are still alive.  I really thought you were dead, You have been silent so long.  Little Rose says that to you.     

She thanks you very much for your good wishes, and in her turn wishes you all the best.  She says that you know all the good things.  She says she wishes you the grace you have been asking for such a long time.  Don’t give up hope.  Little Rose never forgets you and recommends you very specially, to her very good Jesus.  As for Him, I don’t know what He is doing or why He is waiting.  Perhaps it’s like this. (Rose speaks:  You will give Him much more of your heart.  There is a reason here, little brother.  When you have received what you asked for, you will appreciate it much more because when one has much trouble to obtain what one asks, how one appreciate it. So, let us continue praying, My Jesus who is so good, will give it to you.     

Little Rose is a little better.  We say a little better because she is beginning to smile and speak a little but she is so ill that she cannot take even a little water.  We give her a little moxie but it comes back immediately as she cannot keep it down.     

Pray hard for her and her good mother who will, I feel sure, fall ill.  She is so tired and dizzy.  When she is like that she always has to go to bed.  Little Rose has great need of her mother.  You know, I cannot go as often, now.  I was very ill and have remained very weak.  My doctor told me that it is absolutely necessary that I rest and that I stay in the fresh air all day.  So, Mrs. Ferron has to remain alone and it’s a little too much for her strength.  Ask the Good Lord to give her some (strength).     

Listen well to this.  A big brother never says to his little sister, Miss Rose.  This big brother must say- My Little Rose- My little sister, Rose.  You know, also, without doubt, that a little sister does more for a little brother than for any other.     

Little Rose tells you that she is well and remembers all your intentions, especially Mrs. Dansereau.  Let  her know that Little Rose wishes her to say each day 9 Our Fathers , 9 Hail Mary’s, and 9 Gloria’s in honor of the Blessed Virgin, and all will be well.  Also, three invocations to St. Gerard, and three to St. Alphonsus.  Thank also Miss Charbonneau. Little Rose doesn’t forget her either.  And then as for you, you may always recommend yourself to your little sister.  Her sufferings are also for you.  Not all her sufferings but a little part.  Be assured that Little Rose speaks of you to her Jesus.     

You suffer?  How fortunate you are- that Jesus loves you.  Let us offer together to Him our prayers, our sufferings, and ask of Him, His Will.  

(Note: As we read this letter, we can see that Mrs. Guerin is actually speaking for Rose and deciding what parts of Rose’s suffering will be offered to whomever. Not just the doctor told Mrs. Guerin to rest but her husband firmly told her to stay home and take care of him and the children. Also she is telling Fr. Leonard what he should say to Rose “A big brother…”  
We can see from other letters that she is jealous of any priests or religious that Rose speaks or write to.      
Rose did not make that remark about not hearing from Fr. Leonard- Mrs. Guerin was upset about it, so she actually calls him “little brother, like Rose does and makes inappropriate comments in the name of Rose.)      

Little Brother:      >
Isn’t Our Jesus good?  Yes, let us thank Him from the bottom of our hearts. It gives me so much pleasure to hear from you.  Doesn’t “Our Jesus” work well?  You thank me for the poor prayers I said for you but it is natural for a little sister to think of her big brother, especially when that big brother is in need.  Don’t thank me, for I am nothing, but thank Our Jesus who can do so much and who wishes so much to give when the hour is ripe.  He was waiting.  You know better than I.  I knew you would appreciate what He is doing for you.     

You tell me that your conclusion, without fear of being mistaken, is that I knew what was happening.  Must I tell my little brother that he needs several lessons to teach him to be silent?  If you are so certain, then keep it to yourself.  Do you understand?  I must remind you.  Where there is a Rose, there are also thorns, where there is happiness there are also tears, and this you know so well.  I know that if there were tears you know how to accept them.     

You ask me to take you under my protection.  Don’t you know that I am only a little Rose- very, very little. I pray hard for you as in the past.  You say I understand the responsibility which rests on my two feeble shoulders.  With Our Jesus and Our good Heavenly Mother, you will be strong, very strong.  I pray hard to the Holy Spirit that He may guide Him many souls.  It is in giving Him souls that you will show your gratitude, I dare to say this to you, I, a little, small Rose of nothing at all – to you who knows better than I, what gives so much pleasure to Our Jesus.        

I would like you to remember all my intentions during Lent.  I have so many of them.  And, please, remember my mother who is not well at all, and is very tired. What a please for mother to know that you are happy and your good parents also I suppose, all the better, they deserve this.    I thank you very much for your very good prayers and please continue them as I have such great need.  I am as always, not any better.  May the Will of Our Jesus be done.                                

I remain your little sister, Rose   (Reader: you can see Rose’s humility when she says she is Nothing- she is small or little.)   

Father Leonard:     

Little Rose has received your letter and thanks you for your good prayers.  You may rest assured that she remembers you also, in her moments of suffering.  She says that your intentions are hers and that she does not forget any of the persons you recommended to her.     

I would like to tell you also, that I thought it was taking much of your time to write to us.  Luckily, we received news from you since I was just going to write to you, without saying anything to Rose.  As I was preparing what to say to you, my goodness, how angry I was with you, because my Little Rose has many, many things that her Jesus sends her and she needs many good prayers.  I thought that you, her little brother from Montreal (as she calls you) had forgotten her.     

Be very careful!  You know that Mr. Satan on the rampage these days (i.e. doing a lot of harm.)  How he is doing all in his power that my Little Rose be abandoned by all her friends!  Just imagine, in spite of the fact that I love my Little Rose very much, that gentleman (Satan)  comes from time to time to make his (Satan) home in the heart of big Mrs.Guerin.  I can assure you there are times when I have great difficulty in putting him out, Mr. Satan.  I would like to ask you to pray for me. He must not be allowed to win.  I thought that perhaps he had been to visit you, also.  Don’t forget to put him out.   

Do you know Father Boyer?  Well, he came to see Rose, and do you know, he told me that he was very proud to see Rose as she is. He says Rose is advancing with great steps. I was very glad I had put my visitor (Mr. Satan) out.  It is very odd- don’t you think that this reason that I may Mr. Satan is doing a lot of harm.  It is for us to be on the alert.     

My Little Rose has been ill for some weeks.  It is very sad for us because we don’t like to see her suffer, but for her, what joy!  As she says: “It is so sweet to suffer for My Jesus.     

She wishes you a happy and Holy New Year and good health if it is the Will of Jesus, good health to be able to work and win many, many souls for Him.  She asks you to bless her and to pray hard for her and all her family.     

On your next visit, my Little Rose has much to tell you.  There is always news to give our little Brother when we haven’t seen him for a long time. Do you understand?  Don’t you forget to pray hard for me.   Thank you                         

Little Rose (Mrs. Guerin)

243 Ballou Street
Woonsocket, Rhode Island   

 27th February, 1933  

Little Brother:     

I received your letter, and I must tell you that I think I will be obliged to scold you, as you deserve.  Don’t feel I’m being too strict.  You ask my forgiveness, and why, when it is I who should ask your forgiveness.  I cannot write to you and Mrs. Guerin was so ill that she was not able to write to you.  Now, she is a little better and I’m having your letter answered, at once.  I would be delighted to receive you on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of March, on whichever day you can manage.  I have also much to tell you.  I do not forget you and remember you each day in my prayers- poor as they may be.     

Fine.  And now to scold you.  I am the only one- not even Mrs. Guerin, who read your letter, and I tore it up immediately afterwards- that is to assure you.  You are upset?  Poor little brother. (Please note I am your little sister at the moment, and so I speak thus) You are upset.  And as for me, I rejoice in it. Why? Well, I will tell you.  It is because I am sure that our very good Jesus loves you and that this thorn is exchanged in heaven for a very beautiful Rose.   And I am sure that your crown is very beautiful.  Little Brother, there must be thorns, if not here, in this world, then in the next, and how upset you will be to see thorns when you could have so easily placed Roses (I am forgetting your title of priest for a brief moment) and I’m speaking to you nothing like a little sister .  My remedy for you is that you place your poor head, your body, your soul, your heart, which is so tired, upon the heart of Our Jesus. O, how you will be comforted there. Go to Him and there upon His Heart which knows so much how to love, say nothing  of your troubles, of your fatigue- only – My Jesus, your will, not mine.  This is a real balm.  He permits no one to do harm to those who know how to abandon themselves to His love.  Don’t be afraid.  He is there.  No matter what happens you will be defended; take my word for it.  When I read your letter, I thought immediately of the St. Cure of Ars.  He let people say what they liked and do what they like and Our Jesus was there.  Just like him, little brother, let the things be said and let the things be done, and love, love Jesus.  Ask Jesus to love the thorns and not the Roses.  There is such a big difference between them in Heaven.     

Little brother, when you are here, I shall have to give you a good scolding, so prepare yourself. Ha! Ha! I laugh when I think that the Little Rose who is nobody, gives a lesson to her Priest brother – what do you think of it?      

Little Rose who is nobody- enough is said there- you haven’t the heart to speak thus!! And little brother, you would be right because for the things of this world I seem to have no heart, but in Jesus.  I seem severe- but for My Jesus.  I would like to make Him known, loved, and served as the Cure of Ars did.     

So, little Brother, count yourself fortunate.  Jesus loves you.  Jesus guards you and the moment you have need He will be there and your little sister also- count on me.     

I would like to ask you to bless me, my family, Mrs. Guerin and family, and your little sister, I forgot to tell you that I have moved house and am now on Ballou Street 243.  Take a taxi to come if you come by train.         

Little Rose
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