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Life of Marie Rose Ferror (from Mystics of the Church)
There is an excellent article on the life of Marie Rose Ferron on the website "Mystics of the Church." Click HERE to access this article.

Little Rose in Death: English & German
The Beauty and serenity of Little Rose as she appears immediately after death, May 11, 1936 in Woonsocket, R.I. Eleven years later in 1947 when her body was exhumed for investigation into her ,it was found to be incorrupt.    (more . . .)

"Little Rose" Gravesite
Marie Rose Ferron lies buried in the Precious Blood Cemetery in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A cross crowned with thorns is etched on her gravestone; beneath it rests a dove with outstretched wings, surrounded by sprays of roses. On the white marble headstone, a simple epitaph inscribed in French ...    (more . . .)

Gravesite Information in German & Italian
Marie Rose Ferron Lügen begraben im kostbaren Blut-Kirchhof in Woonsocket, Rhode-Insel. Ein Kreuz, das mit den Dornen gekrönt wird, wird auf ihrem Grabstein geätzt; unter es steht eine Taube mit ausgestreckten Flügeln still, umgeben durch Sprays der Rosen. Auf dem weißen Marmorgrundstein ein ...    (more . . .)

Daily Mass from St. Ann's Media
"Click here to see Mass from St. Ann's Media"

Our monthly TV Mass became a weekly TV program and over 30 years has remained the only regular, local Catholic TV presentation in Scranton, PA. On January 26, 1987 Catholic Television (CTV) of the Diocese of Scranton made its debut as a 24-hour cable TV channel. Today, it is the first and only Catholic Diocesan Communications Office...

(more . . .)
Life of Marie Rose Ferro (from Mystics of the Church)
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Daily Mass from St. Ann's Media

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