Little Rose Photo Album
At age 7, Little Rose takes an acting role in a play.
At age 18, Little Rose lives in Fall River, Mass. It is the year 1920
Illness confines Little Rose to a bed-ridden condition
Little Rose is lovingly accompanied by Mom and Dad!
Here Little Rose and her youngest brother Bill are visiting.
Youngest sister Flora spends time with her sister Little Rose.

The large, happy Ferron Family. Little Rose, in white is in 2nd row center.  

Her final earthly home on Providence St., Woonsocket, R.I. and place of Little Rose Ferron death.

Little Rose lies in her casket as friends visit and pray, May 11, 1936  

Children of Mary carry the casket w/Little Rose into the Holy Family Church for Requiem Mass of Little Rose Ferron, May 15, 1936

Little Rose lies peaceful and serene immediately after death.Eleven years later, her body was found to be incorrupt.

Parents of Little Rose at her funeral, May 11, 1936

Mrs. Ferron w/ Chinese Missionary Fr. J. Palm who carried Rose's own crucifix throughout China.

Parents of Little Rose visit w/ Fr. Boyer at her home in Providence, R.I.

Mrs Ferron reads the many letters received from devotees of her daughter Little Rose.

Altar in Little Rose Chapel at her home in R.I.

Devotees adorn the gravesite of Little Rose, Woonsocket, R.I.

Revolving Drawers at her bedside enabled Rose to manage her religious articles for visitors.
Life of Marie Rose Ferro (from Mystics of the Church)
" In Memory of "
Little Rose Ferro Apostolate in USA and Canada
Fr. Leonard Docments)

Little Rose Apostolate