Devotees and Misc. Album

A Saint- Germain, 150 ans, ca se fete - This is the Church where Rose Ferron was baptized

Stephen and Lorraine were eye-witnesses to Little Rose. In this picture you can see a rosary Rose gave to them (left of the statue.) Both are deceased but believed in the power Our Lord gave to His Little Victim.

Sr Claire Richot (1914- 2011) also known as Sr. Marie Assumption. As a teen, Little Rose told her she would be a religious and that she would enter numerous orders due to her illness throughout her life.

Johanne Rioul, Apostolate of Ca. for many years. She is close to several of Rose's relative s in CA. Contact her at: 560 de la Providence, Saint Ursula, QC. Jok 3mo.
Sr. Richot. When 16, she gave Little Rose a bird cage with a canary. This type of cage was made by Rose before her fingers were crippled. These cages are shown at the "Chapel of Thorns" in memory of Little Rose.
Life of Marie Rose Ferro (from Mystics of the Church)
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Little Rose Ferro Apostolate in USA and Canada
Fr. Leonard Docments)

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