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Poetry / Songs & Wisdom of Little Rose
Her Spiritual Recipe for a Happy Life... "Grind up all your sufferings in the mill of patience and silence; mix them with the balsam of the Passion of the Savior; make them into a small pill and swallow it with faith and love and the fire of charity will digest it." "There is a secret in the art of suffering, and for those who asked for it, I gave the above recipe." --Marie-Rose Ferron to Rev. Emile Leonard, Jan 2, 1930

When “Little Rose” was as young as three, To Jesus each night she would sing a song, 0 My Lord, Thou knowest how much I love Thee, My heart, body and soul only to You does it belong. She was an Angel who became Mystical as the years rolled by, Had Bilocation, Phenomenon of weight and was a beautiful Stigmatic. Who Prophesized and wore the Holy Face That made many sigh. O “Little Rose” was a chosen child of Jesus so Ecstatic. She had humility, kindness, charisma, for she was genuine and divine. Her God loving parents were chosen from above. In her Ecstasies she would make the darkest soul shine, For her Phenomenon’s were filled with Heaven’s love. Through poverty and all her vicarious sufferings she still word a smile. When she looked at humans she knew the manners of a victim soul, Through abandonment and sceptics she came out victorious from a trial, Through all, her devotion to the sufferings of Christ was whole. How could we ever forget her devotion to Holy Mary, Or the way she loved St. Anthony and the Little Flower. How could we ever forget how her face enveloped with Spiritual Radiation and Personality, Or feel the Divine Presence in her room any hour. For she united herself to Christ like a true Mystical servant, And her Jesus gave her a Crown of Thorns in life. This devout Holy Soul followed every Commandment, Her great suffering was for souls and it gave her joy instead of strife. 0 Precious Holy Soul you are our Heavenly Spiritualization, Not a day goes by without thinking of you, I know every night Jesus hears our prayer for your Beatification, 0 "Little Rose" beautiful Saint-to-be; You have our heart in Heavens Blue. Yes my 'Little Rose' we will always honor and love a Saint-to-be like You. --Ray Gordon 948 Elsbree St. Fall River, Mass. 02720

THE BLOOM OF LIFE There she goes It blooms among the living Into a sweet red rose Angels caress her None like this ever grew Little Rose I love you. Winds and rain try to break her And her beauty He raises Then the Son came to take her In His warm embrace When summer was over And she was weak with pain Then Angels came from Heaven To take her Home again. And with God’s Power This Lovely flower Mystic fragrance imbued Little Rose God loves you. MY DEAR LITTLE ROSE My dear Little Rose Here I stand before you I speak of your name As Jesus wilt I do. I drown in your cross It is I who beg your Jesus Take me my Little Rose My flower that grows My flower that knows. The Passion Jesus gives you Is only part of His Love Your eyes bleed my Little Rose For the sins of the world For the sins of all man. Your hands and your feet Are the Marks of eternal bliss He sent you His crown You bore His thorns Now lay down your life in peace. You lay silent there The Angels come to bear you He takes you my Little Rose The flowers that grows In the love of her "Jesus". SWEET FRAGRANCE Sweet Fragrance of my dearest “Little Rose” Deserving of your gift I cannot be; And yet you come to let me know your’re near And walk beside me so repeatedly. I found you at our Blessed Mother’s shrine, My little boys found reason to comment, Because I must have brought you home with me. When, after my return, they spoke rose-scent. You come and always when I least expect, Imagination plays no part for you; For Many times when I may want you near I cannot find you ready to imbue. But once, when heart was heavy, ill at ease And I felt need of kind encouragement, Just "Ask her (Rose) she’ll help you" I was told, “Twas then I knew that sympathy was meant. I cannot now recall what I replied. But in my heart I said, “I know she will Because I love her dearly” heart like mine That many times held sorrow to the fill. Completely from my thoughts you faded Rose I sought our Virgin Mother's shrine depressed, And then you burst upon me-sweet delight A rose beneath my nostrils –I was blest. And once again, as though to make quite sure I could not be mistaken in your yield, You came to a dear nun as well as me To verify ah! Yes, to doubly shield. I sought her gentleness that she might see, With eyes of bright and tender holiness, Your relic, that you many times had worn; What rich reward-You came to both us bless. How better can I thank you for the love And honor, you upon our hears have laid Than send this word of praise around the world, That others may invoke your help and aid. And thus because you’re ardent to request God’s blessing any earnest supplicant, You’ll find your place of glory with the rest, Continuing sweet fragrance, Heaven-sent.

Sa recette spirituelle pendant une vie heureuse... "rectifiez vers le haut de toutes vos douleurs dans le moulin de la patience et du silence ; mélangez-les au baume de la passion du sauveur ; transformez-les en une petite pillule et avalez-les avec la foi et l'amour et le feu de la charité la digéreront." "il y a un secret dans l'art de la souffrance, et pour ceux qui ont demandé lui, J'ai donné la recette ci-dessus." -- Marie-Rose Ferron à tour. Emile Leonard, Janv. 2, 1930

A French Hymn to Jesus which Little Rose sang while in ecstacy, Oct. 11, 1929, as recorded by Fr. Leonard of Montreal: "O Jesus, yes I love You And I wish without hindrance To love You more than myself; O Jesus, yes, I love You, It is You who art my happiness, It is You who art my happiness, It is for You, O my Jesus, I wish to suffer; O Jesus, for You alone, If it is the will of my heavenly Father I do wish and long to die." 

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