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An abundance of filed documentation--too numerous to print--exists on the many graces and favors received through the intercession of Little Rose Ferron. Each month we will print a selection here for our viewers, so stay logged-on and share in the graces of Little Rose. Likewise, if you have a testimony to share, please submit it to this website at: MarieRoseFerron@Catholicweb.com  TESTIMONY #1: The moment "Little Rose" passed away, a friend of hers was suddenly cured. This friend was suffering for over two and a half years from constant hemorrhaging like the woman in the Gospel with "the issue of blood".(Matt. IX, 20-22)This lady had petitioned Rose for relief and made several novenas for that purpose. Finally, she made Rose promise that as soon as she reached heaven she would "touch the hem of Our Lord's garment" for her that she might be healed. When Rose passed away, the lady was suddenly cured, although she didn't know why, as she only found out about Rose's death on the following day. In good health thereafter, the lady's case was carefully examined and has all the marks of a second -class miracle. (Boyer, p.133)

Paulette, So nice to hear from you.  I would be happy to tell my story.  It actually started with my dad, Jerry Y. Skuhrovec back in the early 50’s when my dad was given “She Wears a Crown of Thorns” from a woman in Church for him to read. IT so moved my father, that he spent the next 35 years devoted to the Franciscan Order and our Catholic Church, even with raising us six children and working full time. I happened to ask my dad a few years ago why he was so dedicated to Catholic Charities, and he said “Honey, I read a book.” I said “What was the book, I'd love to read it,” and when my dad told me, I contacted my daughter and she found it on Amazon.com. Well the next time we came into Cleveland it was Mother's Day and I wrapped the book for my dad gave it to him. Tears came down his face and he was so elated that he read the book that night and read it again the following day. When I came back to Cleveland for Father’s day my dad gave me the book and said honey you must read this book. I promised him I would but then I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my husband was so ill, my daughter blessed us with the grandson and I didn't find the time. Then two years go by and my beloved husband Michael dies in my arms from a massive heart attack on January 26, 2010. I was devastated. My girlfriend, Martha asked me to join her in Costa Rica at her second home for a couple of weeks and of course the first book I read was “She Wears a Crown of Thorns.”  I was so touched by the end of the book, I discovered Little Rose died on my birthday, May 11th. Well, I too was moved by the book and wanted to make a trip to Rhode Island and visit her grave and perhaps bring back some soil for my dad.  .

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