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 "MARIE ROSE FERRONE"...Why Should I Want To Know Her? Little Rose is an important person to know because by her virtuous life she shows us how to live the life that Jesus asks us to live. Her example of patient endurance of suffering while all the while maintaining a joyful attitude about life is a lesson for all of us in every walk of life. Rose recognized that her sufferings were not in vain, but valuable for the salvation of souls. She often asked the Lord to increase her sufferings if it would bring more souls to Him. Knowing the virtuous life lived by Rose, we are better able to see what we must do to gain eternal life. While it is true that not everyone is called to be a 'suffering soul' for Christ, still each of us is called to follow Jesus Christ and His commandments to the best of our ability in our daily lives. The virtues of humility, patience, mildness, obedience, along with, faith, hope and charity which Rose practiced so heroically, should be a measuring tool by which to see our true selves and to note what is lacking and in need of renewal, that we may be as perfect as our Heavenly Father calls us to be. While in this life we are far from perfect, yet we can look to Little Rose for guidance and inspiration, asking her to intercede for us in obtaining the grace to live a more virtuous life. Through Little Rose's intercession many miracles have been documented, volumes of which are presently in the archives in Rome. The process of Causes of the Saints is a very tedious and time-consuming one. We ask your prayers on behalf of the Cause of Little Rose Ferron that she may soon enter upon this process. Another way to further the Cause of Little Rose is to personally spread the good news about her to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

As you continue to pray to Little Rose for her intercession on your behalf, for the miracle you need in your life, please write a personal testimony to acknowledge her intervention in your case. This is very important to promote the Cause of Little Rose. Email your personal account to: MarieRoseFerron@CatholicWeb.Com or write: To: Little Rose Apostolate c/o Paulette Nickel 13398 Dean Drive, N. Huntingdon, PA 15642 To send a donation to help the Apostolate Use this address also. 

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